Your Year Around Sunny Travel Itinerary

Your Year Around Sunny Travel Itinerary
Your Year Around Sunny Travel Itinerary

Looking to stay warm during the whole year? Here’s a list to help you keep those tan lines.

January: Thailand

A great place to start off the new year, Thailand will keep you warm throughout the month as the temperatures typically hold in the nineties for most of January.

February: Hawaii, United States


Minus the storms Hawaii hovers in the eighties typically making it easy for maximum beach time.

March: Tahiti


Favor the French Polynesia? Well you should because during the cooler month of March Tahiti remains a blazing mid to high eighties all month long.

April: New Zealand


Cloudy yet warm New Zealand in April typically will hover in the high sixties to high seventies depending on the time of the month.

May: Peru


Peru in May gives you a wide variety of temperatures for your outdoor adventures. Ranging typically from low seventies to high eighties it really varies from week to week.

June: Italy


Italy in the summer is quite warm. With average temperatures hovering in the ninety to one hundred degree range you can definitely soak up the rays while walking down the cobblestone streets.

July: Spain


Another great European destination during the summer, Spain tends to hover in the eighty to ninety degree range for most of July every year.

August: Portugal


As summer begins to wind down spending time in Portugal isn’t a bad idea as temperatures typically remain in the seventies. It can fluctuate to the sixties or nineties depending on the circumstances though.

September: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


If you want to forget about the fall there is no better way to do that than taking a trip to Dubai where the average temperature is around a blistering one hundred degrees during the month of September.

October: Australia


Even as the good weather around the world begins to curb off Australia remains warm while hovering between seventy and ninety degree weather. It does tend to bounce around a lot however.

November: Jamaica


Hovering in the seventies and eighties Jamaica will help take off the frostbite from back home. With minimal monthly precipitation too this is a great place for clear skies and lots of beach time.

December: Cancun


Even during the coldest part of winter Cancun still clocks in at a minimum of seventy degrees with nice skies and a great beach. You definitely don’t need multiple layers of clothes here.