Your In-Depth Review of Blue Shield Group Health Insurance California Suite Deal Plans

Your In-Depth Review of Blue Shield Group Health Insurance California Suite Deal Plans
Your In-Depth Review of Blue Shield Group Health Insurance California Suite Deal Plans

In addition to great benefits and affordability, every California health insurance shopper wants a measure of convenience in shopping for their California health insurance plan. For business leaders here in the state shopping for group health insurance California plans, convenience is also high up on the list – Blue Shield delivers performance, affordability and convenience with the Suite Deal health plans portfolio!

If you lead a California small business you know this is the age of a highly competitive marketplace with any number of daily challenges facing the business leader who is striving for success in today’s business climate. While a group health insurance California plan portfolio like Blue Shield’s PlanSelect can offer you the opportunity to provide a slew of health plan choices to your employee team, it may be a case of too much of a good thing. Conversely you may not have enough of a good thing: That is, in the past, you may have had trouble attracting enough employees to previous health coverage offerings. As such, your ability to offer a group health plan may have been compromised. Faced with a 75% participation requirement, you simply had to back away from your desire to offer employees a group health plan strategy.

Now there’s Blue Shield’s Suite Deal plan portfolio! With Suite Deal, the employee participation rate falls to 65% and you get a choice of plans from a clear and concise product line that features PPO, HSA, and HMO choices! You’ll even have the convenient option to offer another carrier’s HMO plan side by side with your new Blue Shield plan offerings – if you meet certain eligibility requirements!

For sheer convenience it’s hard to beat the combination of the Vitality California health insurance team and the Suite Deal portfolio from Blue Shield: We provide our always free quotes for group health insurance California plans along with our always free client consultations and services and – with Suite Deal – a business owner can simply select the portfolio as a whole and offer up the Suite Deal portfolio in its entirety!

But sometimes offering too may plan options can be confusing or stressful to employees. In these situations less can be more. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Suite Deal portfolio and review the plan options in more detail:

The Suite Deal plan portfolio features:

A range of great PPO options: From the PPO Plan 500 Standard with its $500 annual deductible and benefits for both generic and brand name prescription drugs to the PPO Plan 2000 Value with its $2000 annual deductible and generic-only drug coverage, a range of five different PPO plans that get your employees access to the strong Blue Shield PPO provider network and upwards of 70% Blue Shield payment responsibility on in-network services.
The collection of four Shield Savings HSA-compatible health plans. Blue Shield is an industry leader in the HSA segment and it shows with this collection of HSA entries into the group health coverage market. Your employees get the affordability of the HSA-compatible health plan; the personal empowerment that comes with spending health care dollars as they choose; and access to the important tax savings features HSA-compatible plans can offer.
HMO plans round out the field and offer access to the simplicity and predictable cost structure HMO plans can offer employees and their eligible dependents. Residents of Southern California and San Luis Obispo County can choose from amongst the Access+ HMO Plans or the Local Access+ HMO Plans – it’s your employee’s call!
Have you created a great medical coverage lineup for your employees with Suite Deal? If you’ve come this far why not consider including Suite Deal Dental – a great dental coverage option featuring a collection of five PPO and HMO dental plans. Dental benefits are huge favorites with employees who are historically big fans of the plans and have been shown to use them on a regular basis. An employee with medical and dental benefits – along with the convenient access to the free health and wellness benefits Blue Shield offers members – is going to be a healthier, happier, and more productive employee. That’s a win-win for your valued employee team and your business!