Why choose google search?

Why choose google search?
Why choose google search?

If three searches were made in the world on the web, two would using Google. That gives a lot to talk about, but I want to focus mainly on why the world chooses what Google search and not in another search engine.

I clarify that what I say in this article may or may not be reflected worldwide; read this note is just a kind of my thesis and sure many will draw their own conclusions about this.

Well, we have to Google, but now let’s see what other searchers there, considering that the main slogan is “Why not Google and other search engine.”

There are many search engines on the web, many small search engines, with engines other major search engines; none of them will be named in this article, as they will see that in this war between browsers, only have large and the world-renowned space: Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

It is true that currently uses Yahoo search engine Bing, but let’s leave this aside and let’s focus on what really visible, as more partners they may be, still having three addresses to which people resort to make their searches: www.google.com, www.yahoo.com and www.bing.com.

What people look for when choosing a search engine?

Of course it is not speed, no one cares because we know that all search engines are capable of pulling thousands of results in a fraction of seconds.

Could appearance? Is it more satisfying to write in the search box of Google than in Yahoo!? Or is it that the bright colors make the difference finder? Well, I assure you that none of these questions resolved the slogan, because someone who really needs to find content on the web, not the colors of the logo or the size of the search box is set. But still, the aesthetics of the site is extremely important. It could be that Google, to devote 80% of its initial page to display the logo and the super frame ready to be filled with what you want to search, be taken as a genuine seeker, unlike the Yahoo! search box It is one of the thousands of things on the page, including links, buttons and news. This translates not only the visual nuisance, but the delay brings only charge so much to use the search engine. If it is true, as many have a Yahoo! home page in their browsers because it is faster access to news, email and over can search the web… but how many are there who have a Google (with its appearance minimalist) as starting page?

One conclusion I reached is that the search engine is taken by the majority of users, as essential, and indeed with all sites in the world, we need much of it.

Will people choose to Google by the way it has to show what results? I can be, especially because most users do not go to the page of search engines to search, but use other means such as bars and searches integrated into browsers. Then people write, press Enter and a new tab opens with the results page. The fact that the three pages have their ways of displaying the results, different, but none is better than another, beyond our usual contradicted.

Specifically the results will be same what matters? The primary task of a search engine’s results pull in other words is to make the user find what they are looking for on the Web. They probably think this defines whether people use a search engine or other; I repeat, it is the opinion of each, but as this is my thesis, I will say that the results are not the main reason by which two out of three people use Google. Each defends its search engine, and you think your browser is pulling the best results. For example, I think that Google has the best search engine as I find what I want and other search engines is not the same; yet I know other people are saying exactly the same thing but in favor of Bing. Therefore I came to the conclusion that the results do mainly to the success of the search engine.

If they do not find something in a search engine, change the word being searched or go to another search engine?

At this point I want to clarify that all above named influences the choice of a search engine, but maybe all added is only 40% of what may come to influence. Passing in clean, I think that people who choose to Google, thinking makes 15% in the aesthetics of search engine, and 35% in the results strip so.

To what does the other 60%? What is the reason finally by which two out of three people use Google?

According to the conclusions I arrived, people use Google because Google is the search engine. For reasons that we will see then, Google has become synonymous with search. Again I refer to personal experiences; the first page that I visited in my life, was Google, because it was the home of an Internet browser in my neighborhood. This cyber was very famous and all who were there looking on Google because it was the first thing what they were. Now with Internet in my house, I put Google as the homepage. When you know something and yet you can see that all around you use the same, you start to use it and a habit you can not ignore because all around prevent ignore what is done. Maybe my story has also occurred elsewhere and Yahoo! for example, but the truth is that almost everyone who uses Google today is because they saw others use the search engine. No one comes to the conclusion that Google itself is the best search engine.

Final conclusion: those who chose to Google some time ago for its efficiency, coupled with the young people who use Google for influence of the environment, make two-thirds of users we spoke at the beginning of this article.

Are they agree or think I’m wrong?