What methods of coding alcohol is in your center?

What methods of coding alcohol is in your center?
What methods of coding alcohol is in your center?

Torpedo – one of the first drugs used to block alcohol dependence. It has a moderate properties craving. In the case of ‘failure’ appear mild health disorders.

MST, SIT, NIT — more modern coding methods for alcoholism. Craving for these drugs more pronounced, and the reaction that occurs when exposed to alcohol, much more serious – there convulsions, followed by respiratory arrest. Previously, the introduction of these drugs for the first time required to conduct a provocation, because the patient is not only in words but also in deeds had to be sure of the seriousness of the situation.

Double block — in fact it is not a single method, but a combination of two different techniques. Introduced two different product, or Dovzhenko method combined with intravenous medication. This is done to minimize the risk of alcohol consumption with impunity and further reducing psychological thrust.

Aktopleks — drug specifically designed to encode the alcohol-dependent patients in a state of intoxication. But is necessary to clean the blood before drug administration.

Vitamerts depo — preparation applied to encode long-term (up to 5 years), but is most effective for 2-3 years. It must be remembered that the coding for more than a year for patients previously treated successfully, and well tolerate abstinence from alcohol.

Algominal — one of the most modern and effective drugs for the moment. Maximum suppression of craving for alcohol, high efficiency in all stages of alcoholism.

«Anchor» coding technique for alcoholism – the essence of this method lies in the fact that with the help of psycho-correction in the patient is re-programming, forming an aversion to alcohol.

Coding method for alcoholism Dovzhenko is without medication.
Many methods, but our experts will select the one that is effective for you, a survey of your body.