What are the types of coding?

What are the types of coding?
What are the types of coding?

Treatment of alcohol dependence (alcoholism coding)

1.Psychotherapy, Dovzhenko method and other methods of hypnosis.
Alcoholism treatment coding, start with the use of these methods is as method is safe for the patient and is quite effective, but a certain percentage of people immune to the hypnotic effect, and they have to use other methods of treatment for alcoholism.

2. Treatments for alcoholism with the use of drugs.
Using this method of treatment of alcoholism, we introduce into the human body a drug that significantly reduces the craving for alcohol, and in the case of alcohol or “failure”, causes severe reactions that do not allow the patient to drink alcohol in the future. Thus, after the introduction (sewing) of the drug the patient is not only does not want to drink, but can not because the use of alcohol can lead to serious complications to his health.

A) Implantation of the drug “Esperal.” Coding alcoholism.
Performed implantation of the drug under the patient’s skin in the area of the shoulder blade. High efficiency of the method is possible because the premature elimination of the drug. The product is compatible with alcohol.

B) Intravenous drug
Torpedo Moderate properties craving for alcohol.
MST, SIT, NIT craving more pronounced and the reaction that occurs when exposed to alcohol, much more serious – there convulsions, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, temperature reaction occurs. With the introduction of these drugs for the first time required to conduct a provocation, because the patient is not only in words but also in deeds must be convinced of the seriousness of the situation.

Many methods, but for each person it is different. Please contact us and our experts will provide you with your method.