Vitality Brings Convenience and Innovation to California Health Insurance Marketplace

Vitality Brings Convenience and Innovation to California Health Insurance Marketplace
Vitality Brings Convenience and Innovation to California Health Insurance Marketplace

For the California health insurance consumer who is looking for a fast, easy, and convenient resource for their next California health insurance plan, they need look no further than Vitality online! Thanks to Vitality’s commitment to the power of the Web to bring both convenience and buying power to the consumer, here’s what you can expect when visiting the Vitality website:

Clear, concise information that will help California consumers formulate an outstanding California health insurance strategy that satisfies from both a benefits and affordability standpoint. Our website and accompanying Vitality Blog feature an array of great articles that are geared towards helping the California insurance consumer become a skilled and confident shopper for not only a California health insurance plan but for a wide range of other insurance strategies as well, including California life insurance, California long term care insurance, California disability insurance – even California travel insurance! Remember too that our health insurance offerings include the full range of health coverage benefits to suit every health related insurance application: Individual and family health insurance; Medigap; California dental insurance, as well as group health insurance California small business owners can secure for their valued employee teams.

Read all about great buying strategies and have an understanding of the questions every California health insurance shopper should know and understand when setting out to buy a California health plan. Ready to start shopping? Start with our website’s quote engine where you can get an amazing array of free California health plan quotes denoting the range of plan options you’ll have available to you and your family: These will include popular PPO, HSA and HMO plans that will provide health coverage options to meet your own unique requirements and preferences for a health plan strategy. Now that’s buying power! Thanks to our Vitality Blog you’ll also have a great understanding of how to read your health plan quote and understand the unique benefits each type of plan concept offers the consumer!

See the plan you want? Ready to apply? You can apply online quickly, easily, and conveniently or you can also download a California health insurance plan application from our site if that is your preference! Remember: While every health plan shopper who visits our site has the option of making this a completely automated self serve experience; it’s important to keep in mind that every consumer is also invited to reach out to us directly for our always free, always careful and considerate personalized one-on-one client consultations and client services! Please allow us to bring our experience and expertise to the process of helping you find the peace of mind health plan that is uniquely right for you, your family – even your California small business!

A quick reminder: Do you have a family physician that you like and want to continue using? You can even use the Vitality website to verify your doctor is in the network of providers for the health plan you have in mind! Staying in-network will save you money – lots of it!
We share the innovation spotlight with health insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and Aetna:

Innovation is being applied to the health plans you have under review: A great example is the fourth quarter deductible carryover offered on some plans like Vital Shield Plus by Blue Shield. If you don’t meet your deductible, any charges applicable to your deductible in the last three months of the calendar year will be credited towards helping you meet the plan’s annual deductible in the following calendar year. Innovation in health plans that is focused on providing member value is available, and we’ll help you locate that value and use it to its greatest advantage!

After securing your new California health plan, you’re on your way to even more innovation and convenience via the many programs, online tools, and services offered by the leading California health insurance companies whose plans we represent to the marketplace. This exciting range of value added member benefits is focused on getting or keeping you healthy!

You’ll also have the ease and convenience of quickly and easily adding other insurance strategies to your health plan – important coverage like an affordable California dental insurance plan and to protect all your family’s tomorrows in your absence: A life insurance strategy in the form of an affordable California term life insurance plan that can be added to your health plan bill if you buy your health plan from Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield of California. Have you been approved for a health plan from either of those two companies? Well then no need to pass through underwriting for that term life plan: You’re approved!

The Vitality California health insurance team is devoted to being an innovator and your trusted online and offline source for an array of important insurance strategies: Contact us via our website or call us toll free at 800-607-1950 and find out more about how we can assist you in the research and selection of the California health insurance strategy that is uniquely right for you! We understand that today Californians from around the state lead active, hectic lifestyles: The team of innovative insurance professionals at Vitality can meet your requirements for ease and convenience in shopping for your next health plan so that you can focus on family, work, and the pursuit of a life lived well here in California!