Very Latest California Health Insurance Updates and Industry News

Very Latest California Health Insurance Updates and Industry News
Very Latest California Health Insurance Updates and Industry News

Savvy California health insurance consumers want what we have here at the Vitality California health insurance blog: The very latest updates and news you can use from the world of California health insurance. Here at Vitality online we not only feature the best and most affordable California health insurance plans presently available to California residents of all ages, we also feature great California health insurance buying strategies along with the very latest updates from the world of health insurance in California!

Here at the Vitality Blog you know us as a great resource for a plethora of information that includes great information and buying guides to help consumers buy affordable California health insurance plans. We routinely dedicate ourselves to bringing important news about the California health insurance scene to our readers, their friends, family and coworkers. Today we’re going to add yet another value added feature to our blog: A quick roundup of updates from the world of health insurance – let’s get started, shall we?

Just a reminder that open enrollment season for child-only California health plans ends March 1, 2011. Here’s a PDF courtesy of the CA Department of Insurance that provides parents and guardians with important information about what comes next.
Child Only California Health Plan Open Enrollment Information

Are you a small business owner and in search of a strategic partner to your business that can bring experience and expertise to the process of helping you find good affordable health coverage for your valued employee team? Vitality is here for you! Section 45R of the Internal Revenue Code offers a tax credit to certain small businesses that provide health coverage to their employees. Section 45R was added to the code by the PPACA – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Have questions or concerns about how tax credits can help you place vital health coverage in the hands of your employees? We’re here to help with our always free client services to both individual consumers and small group California health insurance shoppers!
Blue Shield of California has just announced that it is extending its popular special open-enrollment period for California Medigap plans through June 30, 2011! That’s right: If you presently own a Medigap plan you may transfer to any open BSCA Medicare Supplement plan offering benefits equal to or lesser than those provided in your current plan without going through underwriting. Individuals enrolled in another carrier’s plan can just submit a new application – and Replacement of Coverage form – without having to complete a health questionnaire. An affordable California Medicare Supplement plan from Blue Shield of California can be yours with this open enrollment opportunity!
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