Using Your California Health Insurance Plan With Health Reform and Preventive Services Mandate

Using Your California Health Insurance Plan With Health Reform and Preventive Services Mandate
Using Your California Health Insurance Plan With Health Reform and Preventive Services Mandate

For California health insurance consumers Health Reform will mean at least one big change in how you use your new California health insurance plan moving forward. One important component of the Affordable Care Act was the recognition by lawmakers that preventive care plays a vital role in helping folks maintain good health and also an acknowledgement that preventive care today helps avoid the need for more expensive medical care in the future.

To that end; all new health plans sold on or after September 23rd, 2010, will feature preventive services as specified in the Affordable Care Act and which will be covered by your plan without charging you a copay, co-insurance or deductible – provided that these services are delivered by a network provider.

Everyone is different – we know folks who will line up to be first for an annual flu shot but who otherwise won’t participate in any sort of healthy lifestyle strategy involving regular exercise and proper nutrition. Still others drink protein shakes, exercise regularly, and only eat organic foods but will never get that annual flu shot. We know folks from both of these groups who have preventive services benefits in their health plans and never use them. Please try not to be one of those people!

Moving forward, preventive services will be an intricate part of your new California health insurance plan strategy. Using your preventive services will be as easy as making an appointment with your in-network provider and scheduling an appointment that will gain you access to one of the best benefits to come out of Health Reform legislation. The data is in: Preventive services do make an important difference in both your current and future quality of life. Preventive care is also key to creating important strategies early to deal with chronic health conditions.

If you’ve read enough of our website and accompanying Vitality Blog, you know we deal an awful lot with the dynamic of affordability as it relates to the free California health insurance plan quotes you can secure from our website’s quote engine. Each and every California consumer – be it a shopper for an individual California health insurance plan, a Medigap plan, or even the small group health insurance California business leaders seek out for their valued employee teams – wants their health coverage strategy to be the best and most affordable possible. We’re dedicated to helping you get there with both our always free personalized one-on-one client consultations and the important clear, concise information we place here at Vitality online for your review. That information includes our commentary on the need to think like an underwriter when applying for your new California health insurance plan. Examples of what makes an underwriter happy and the insurance company more prone to giving you the best premium rate includes height to weight ratios that are within underwriting guidelines and not smoking.

With the inclusion of a preventive services mandate via Health Reform legislation, it’s official: The prevailing trend today is towards moving the health insurance consumer into a more proactive role in the healthy lifestyle process. And here’s a “Did-you-know?’ worth noting: Leading insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and Aetna were already proactive in getting members to sign on to the concept of healthy lifestyle commitments: Each of these companies were already leaders in providing value added online tools and programs to help members lead more health conscious lives.

If you have the opportunity to utilize these great new and free preventive services as part of your new health plan, please do so. Not using these valuable services costs you in two ways: Financially: You’re leaving money on the table right here and now and you’re risking exposure to larger medical bills in the future for issues that might have been stopped in their tracks years previous or avoided entirely with preventive care services. Physically and emotionally: Preventive services are proven winners in helping you and your family avoid the potential for more serious health issues down the road. The use of preventive services as part of a balanced healthy living strategy should also leave you feeling better emotionally and less susceptible to the harmful effects of stress on the body and mind.

Have more questions about how preventive services are becoming an integral part of a California consumer’s health coverage strategy moving forward? We’re to help with our always free client services! Reach out to us via our Vitality website or call us toll-free at 800-607-1950, and we’ll arrange a careful, considerate client consultation at a time and place that is most convenient to your schedule!