Understanding Your California Health Insurance Emergency and Urgent Care Plan Benefits

Understanding Your California Health Insurance Emergency and Urgent Care Plan Benefits
Understanding Your California Health Insurance Emergency and Urgent Care Plan Benefits

California health insurance shoppers: Are you transitioning from group health insurance California employers provide their employees to an individual California health insurance plan? It’s a good idea to understand what your emergency room coverage will be with the plan you have under consideration.

Adults have emergency medical needs – kids especially so. As such it is a good idea to know what your new health plan will cover should you or a family member ever need to visit an emergency room for medical care. There is always the possibility for different coinsurance obligations with different plans, so understanding how this component of your new health plan will work should be a part of your deliberations.

Here’s a couple of things to be aware of as it relates to emergency care and urgent care: It’s important to know the difference between the two and it’s also important to realize that if you’re seeking urgent care and you are within your plan’s service area, you should make it a point to seek out the services of an in-network provider as you’ll want to avoid the out-of-network cost burden.

Here’s where it’s best to have an advance game plan should urgent care ever be needed. Ask your doctor where you should go for urgent care should you or your children ever need it. After you get that information cross check it with that facility and/or the insurance company and make doubly certain that the urgent care provider is in-network.

Always carry your California health insurance card with you. It should be right there in your wallet or purse next to your driver’s license. Nowadays almost everyone has cell phones too – many of us have ‘smart phones’: Log in the phone numbers of family physicians, local hospitals and urgent care providers you might need to turn to in an emergency situation. Also: ‘Map’ the locations of these same health care providers in advance. Knowing where to turn, who to contact, and how to get to the services you need as quickly as possible will be key to quickly dealing with emergency situations with minimal stress. Oh and before we move on: There is always that possibility of a dental injury/emergency too: So please include the phone number of your family dentist!

Knowing who to turn to… That can also apply to knowing that the team of California health insurance professionals at Vitality is here to serve you as well. We’re here with our always free, always careful and considerate client consultations designed to ensure peace of mind as you formulate winning California health insurance and California dental insurance strategies for you and your family in all types of health care situations.