U.s. responds to syrian gas attack with more missiles – was the attack a false flag?

U.s. responds to syrian gas attack with more missiles – was the attack a false flag?
U.s. responds to syrian gas attack with more missiles – was the attack a false flag?

It is believed 59 tomahawk cruise missiles were launched into empty space to send a warning. Several have been reported dead at air base says Homs governor.

Just days after Trump stated the U.S. would no longer go after Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the U.S. have responded to the allegations that Assad is using chemical weapons with missile strikes.

Roughly 50 Tomahawk missiles have been launched from US Navy warships in the Mediterranean Sea according to a US navy official. A target was identified as an airbase in Homs.

The tensions are set to increase as Russia denies that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was to blame for a poison gas attack despite several Western governments immediately condemning him for the attacks. The gas attacks allegedly affected mostly children, who are showing signs of sarin poisoning. Syria does indeed have a lengthy history with the use of chemical weapons. Would Assad really use them against his own?

Winning the battle against ISIS with assistance from Russia, Assad began to gain a better reputation in the world. Gassing children in his own country would surely not be the best way of maintaining that. ISIS has a lot to gain if Assad is ousted. The removal of Libyan leader Gaddafi is just an example of how they could benefit.

Of course, if you bow into the “conspiracy” that this is all a convenient false-flag to give America the edge to get back into their full-scale intervention in Syria’s affairs you’ll have hack publications like The Sun call you a “sick troll”

No gloves? No problem!

There is always the possibility that a stockpile of chemical weapons have been hit. Russia and Syria have very little to gain by using chemical weapons against the innocent, but most people, including the modern media; seem to refrain from exploring that. It’s easier to point the finger. Just look at some of the photographs of the aid workers assisting the children involved in the chemical attack. There are no gloves to be seen. Wouldn’t you want to be protected yourself if you’re helping with those exposed to sarin? Then there’s the question of the photographs These professionally taken photos (metadata shows that decent SLR’s were used) were taken quickly and professionally. For an attack to have happened where the press or aid workers got there within hours to grab photographs of the children should be of concern. Usually when an incident like this takes place, the photos are taken by civilians in the area using mobile phones. It’s not a huge deal that these photos were taken using professional equipment – what is a big deal is the way the media immediately claims it’s pure evidence that Syria is responsible without diving deeper.

Why would America want further power in Syria? Would they really just go and lie? Just like how they did when it came to Saddam Hussein’s supposedly massive cache of nuclear weapons?

The solution to an attack is not more attacks. With several government leaders sharing their support for Trump’s response, and most of them not asking for concrete evidence that Assad is to blame, it’s clear that the agenda to remove the Syrian president is still alive and well.

Oil prices have since soared.