Tuenti: blow to recover your pictures

Tuenti: blow to recover your pictures
Tuenti: blow to recover your pictures

Tuenti launches Wednesday a fresh feature in its software that allow users to recuperate photos that once hung in the cloud through the social networking of the same name, prior to the company made a decision to change its business design and be a mobile operator. To do this, Tuenti has totally revamped its Tuenti program, including a choice to download once all of the images that an individual experienced risen through the social networking, which happens to be on the servers of the business founded by the Californian Zaryn Dentzel.

Through the tab that integrates the brand new app, which functions for both Android phones and iOS system, an individual can download all of the photos in a compressed zip file. The application also provides substitute for create and edit a 15-second video with popular images.

To recover photos, Tuenti customers simply install the brand new version and gain access to your account, which provides them the choice to download their fresh album. For individuals who are not clients of Tuenti, for security and to make sure that the identification of individuals receiving photos is prosperous, an individual must verify your telephone. To do this you need to enter your quantity and Tuenti transmits an Text message with a code that’ll be introduced later. You then must offer your email to Tuenti to send out the download hyperlink with all photos. If you are done, from the cellular you can see the quantity of discharge of the photos, with the choice to download them to the telephone or perform it from your own computer, if the documents are very heavy.

The photos which can be downloaded are both uploaded by an individual and those where labeling was usually the individual who had climbed enabled the privacy of friends and family could download them.

Servers Tuenti housed more than 3,000 million photos with over 6,800 million tags, because it came up more than three million pictures a day time when Tuenti was the favourite social networking among teenagers, and had a lot more than five million users.

Old option

The application form already downloaded the old photos allowed but someone to one, which makes it cumbersome recovery. Users feared that huge amount of materials is dropped when the business announced its purpose to desacativar some features of the social networking to save costs.

Tuenti really wants to also take benefit of the new edition of your app to attempt to capture their past users of the social networking and mobile clients. To get this done, the company gives away 50 moments from your own service VozDigital (free of charge calls on the internet) to all the brand new application is downloaded.

The intention of the existing administration of Tuenti is steadily turn the social networking that was the foundation of its activity to concentrate on cellular telephony, its primary area of ​​business since 2012 turn into a virtual cellular operator Telefónica as another brand. The procedure has already launched 2 yrs disabling most of the features of the aged social networking for teens.

Although officially the social networking has an incredible number of registered because the birth in 2006, many of them are inactive used and also have moved to additional networks such as for example Facebook or Instagram users.

However, users may still talk about your photos through the tuenti.com chat software as the CEO of Tuenti, Sebastián Muriel. “The photos and info sharing on the system for our users is definitely possessed by them says. right now we are simply just offering a tool which makes restore that details and also have control over their digital existence less difficult, “said Paul Iliffe, item manager for the business.