Trump is correct, all sides to blame in charlottesville riots

Trump is correct, all sides to blame in charlottesville riots
Trump is correct, all sides to blame in charlottesville riots

Trump has been the subject of various angry news reports but his criticisms of both sides reigns true. When the Black Lives Matter protests grew, their tactics involved what some argue as anti-authority and anti-police. The media’s condemnation and wide scale coverage of the hatred displayed by protesters was almost invisible.

Recently, an Australian woman, Amanda Devine, was killed by a black police officer. There was no racial anger or condemnation over this case by the mainstream media or the BLM movement.

Whilst Donald Trump has generally been criticised for his condemnation of both sides in the recent race riots in Charlottesville, which left three dead and many injured, he was right in saying that both the “alt-left” group Antifa are also to blame.

Antifa, who claim to be “anti-fascists”, are a roughly organised group of far-left anarchist extremists who focus on injustice involving “racism, sexism and anti-Semitism”, according to the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, which lists the group under domestic terrorist organisations.

But who are Antifa?

Antifa has roots in 1930s Germany’s Antifaschistische Aktion, a group formed to combat the Nazis, which was disbanded by Hitler in 1933 and revived during in 1980s with the rise of Neo-Nazism.

Following clashes at a free speech rally in April, one Antifa member said: “Every Nazi that gets punched is a victory. We must realise that these days are going to become more and more common, unless we put a nail in this coffin once and for all.”

BLM campaigners, supporters in the media and even politicians have encouraged a wave of ambushes and assassinations of police officers. Where was the universal condemnation for this hatred? An Ex-Chicago officer has even blamed BLM for the outpouring in murders across the city.

All sides ARE to blame. All sides are filled with hatred and violence. You cannot condemn one without the others.

Saying there is hate on both sides is not a sign of embracing either.