Tips To Surviving A Long Flight and Layover

Tips To Surviving A Long Flight and Layover
Tips To Surviving A Long Flight and Layover

Long flights and layovers. Nobody likes them but sometimes they are an inevitable consequence of traveling. Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive your long periods of boredom abroad.

Long Flights:

a) Sleep
Depending on the length of your travel one thing I recommend is trying to tire yourself out prior to boarding the plane so you can attempt to get a bit of rest during the flight. With some luck you can knock out a few hours of air time that way.

b) Bring your laptop
I try to set aside some of my time during a long flight so that I can be productive. I figure that since you are going to be confined you might as get a bit of work done.

If you feel like being unproductive however try bringing a movie, TV show or some music to pass the time instead.

c) Being creative
I like to write or draw in my spare time and because of that I use extended flights as an opportunity to decompress. I have also seen people do things like work on small arts and crafts projects such as origami or bracelet making too.

D) Meditate and relax
Sometimes it might be difficult with other people on the plane doing things or making sounds but a good way to relax before you arrive at your destination is by just closing your eyes and zoning out or meditating. It may sound corny but believe it or not just taking a little bit of time to tune everything out will probably make you feel more energized afterwards. This is especially true if you are the kind of person who can’t take plane naps.

E) Do some reading
Take some time to yourself and crack open that book you have always been meaning to read. You have no better excuse than now with your long flight ahead of you.



Most of the same things apply from the flights section to the layover section. If you can meditate, take time to be creative or bring your laptop to do some work those are all excellent ways to pass time during a layover too. On top of those ideas there are a few other things you can do in the airport also.

A) Use the layover as an opportunity to go explore the city
If your layover is a longer one I definitely recommend taking the opportunity to go venture out into the city for a bit. You may only get an hour or two to wander but it will certainly be a better way to pass time than sitting there while you stare at your terminal for hours on end.

B) Take the opportunity to go eat
Nothing else to do? Might as well eat. If you are about to embark on a flight now is your last chance to grab a quality meal before you hop on the plane. I would utilize this free time and grab some food so you won’t hungry during your flight.

C) Work on your plans for when you arrive at your next destination
For those of you don’t have a plan or you have a plan that you think would be worth revisiting again now is the right occasion to do it. You have lots of free time on your hands and no better way to spend it than finalizing last minute plans whether it be figuring out what you want to accomplish during your vacation or a list of things to do when you get back home.

D) Walk around the airport and check things out
When you have run out of other things to do try to take the time to go walk around and explore. It may not be super exciting but it will pass time quicker than you think. Go from shop to shop and check out what is for sale. You never know what you will find. You might even end up with a souvenir.