The irish republican army (ira) – forgotten terrorists and friends of american politicians.

The irish republican army (ira) – forgotten terrorists and friends of american politicians.
The irish republican army (ira) – forgotten terrorists and friends of american politicians.

The IRA murdered hundreds of people. Many foreign nations see them as ‘liberty rebels’, but ultimately, they took the lives of thousands of civilians.

Today, the word “terrorist” seems to be reserved for Muslims. When Anders Breivik terrorised people, mainstream outlets failed to dub him as a “terrorist” – despite his ideologies and motives matching that of major terrorist organisations.

In December 2012 the then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton greeted IRA terrorist Martin McGuinness with delight. Would she have publicly done the same with a member of ISIS or the Taliban?


McGuinness authorized the murder of hundreds of Ulster men and women as well as contributing to the deaths of British servicemen. Clinton’s husband sanctioned the bombing of Belgrade/Serbia resulting in the deaths of many who stood up to Islam; it’s no wonder the two get along so well. Some may have been annoyed that Hilary Clinton was bartering a kiss and a handclasp with a man who was commonly known as the Butcher of Bogside, there are many who don’t assume the IRA to be terrorists. It would seem the word terrorism is reserved for those with different coloured skin. Most Americans would not share admiring interest any kind of terror-based organisation but their knowledge of the Irish problem is almost zero. Most Americans look through the photos of her 2012 visit and think the people waving British flags were English and supporting the empire.

Bill Clinton would later do the eulogy at Martin McGuiness’ funeral. He also shared an embrace with Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein and a close partner in violence.

According to the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism, many countries don’t in-fact view the IRA as terrorists. Unsurprisingly, America is one of them.

Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO): No

Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL): No

UK Proscribed Group: Yes

Australia Specified Group: No

It is claimed that the IRA were people who were fighting for the freedom of their country, rights and religion. This may be true, but is that not what Al-Qaeda does too?

Hamas and Al-Qaeda constantly submit that they are freedom fighters. Their targets are often civilians, bombing and threatening to detonate bombs under non-combatant areas such as schools. Innocent unarmed civilians are often killed because of their “freedom fighting”.

So essentially, are these groups not the same thing? The only thing separating (apart from religious beliefs) are the way the world responds to them. The Irish National Liberation Army, Irish People’s Liberation Organisation and the Provisional Irish Republican Army are all listed as terrorist organisations by the UK, but not by the United States, Australia or other Western Nations.

Sure, the IRA just want what they feel is naturally theirs and they will fight to be heard. It’s just…well…isn’t that exactly what other, more ‘mainstream’ terrorist organisations want too?