Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington

Known for its coffee, rain, and vibrant culture the city of Seattle is an experience both delightful and relaxing in all the right places. As for the city itself one of the most intriguing aspects of Seattle is that it is caught between two identities with its older architecture undergoing a modern revolution. Walking throughout the city you can’t help but notice how buildings are blended together old and new.

In certain places you can literally go down one block and see brand new buildings then go down the next block and see nothing but older buildings instead. That is what makes Seattle so unique. Very few other places in the world will offer as much as you can see here. With its diverse community Seattle is truly a place caught between two worlds. That isn’t a bad thing though because as you begin to peel back the layers of the city you get to see the good food, beautiful islands, and the gorgeous Cascade Mountain Range off in the distance.

Speaking of architecture I suppose it is best to start off with the world-renowned Space Needle. This particular monument can be found downtown somewhat near the water. The Space Needle is definitely a touristy trip but it is one that is also worthwhile for anyone passing through the city. The ride to the top of the needle is interesting and although it may not necessarily be extremely exciting you can take solace in the fact that you partook in one of the most well known parts of Seattle’s history.

In addition to the Space Needle if you are the kind of person who is into the arts you can find a lot of art venues in Seattle to cater to pretty much all of your needs. Anything ranging from representational to abstract art with everything in between there is something for pretty much everyone here making Seattle a definite art hub in the United States. Of the most notable art museums are the Experience Music Project and the Seattle Art Museum. Both are definitely worth visiting depending on the time of the year.

One of other the coolest parts of Seattle is that there are a lot of smaller restaurants worth exploring. This creates a kind of culinary diversity that isn’t necessarily as common in other cities. Depending on where you look you can find anything from top end Caribbean food to Asian food to the most Americanized dishes you can possibly imagine. Some restaurants worth mentioning include: Pam’s Kitchen, Via Tribunali, Canlis Restaurant, Piroshky Piroshky, and Paseo’s Caribbean to name a few.

While mentioning food lets not forget Seattle’s Pike Place Market either. Another monument for all tourists passing through the city, the Pike Place Market is Seattle’s largest market. Consisting of anything from trade goods to fresh food to souvenirs Pike Place features tons of various sellers from all different kinds of backgrounds. In the heart of Pike Place is also where their famous fish market is. For anyone who has never witnessed Pike Place Market’s crew throwing around fish for everyone’s amusement I highly recommend stopping by to watch this.

It is also worth noting that while you are near the Pike Place Market there are a few other locations nearby that can be fun also. The first is the Seattle Gum Wall. Partially disgusting yet partially awesome this particular Seattle attraction has been around for a few decades now. Despite being a popular tourist spot it still is quite enjoyable for anyone looking to leave a little bit of their gum (and spit) behind in the city. It usually makes for a nice photo opportunity too.

Another excellent place to visit down by Pike Place is the original Starbucks shop. This is a must-see location for all coffee lovers as you can actually step foot in the first shop where the Starbucks magic began before it became a global coffeehouse chain. The lattes don’t really taste any different but it is one of those things that you can tell people you got to experience when you were downtown.

Shifting gears now to the final aspect of Seattle I thought it best to discuss the various options for outdoor activities. With that said, one of the greatest aspects of the Emerald City is the assortment of things that can be done when its nice out. Things such as: The Woodland Park Zoo, Alki Beach, Kayak Tours, Golden Gardens, Ride the Ducks, Evergreen Escapes Tours, and visiting Discovery Park are all excellent activities when the weather is nice out. Making a trip to the Seattle Aquarium is another fun adventure for the whole family too.

If you are willing to branch out of the city of Seattle itself and rent a car the outdoor options expand much more as you will have nearby access to the Seattle Ferry Service along with the Cascade Mountain Range also. The drive time isn’t too bad for each and I highly recommend if you are looking to get outdoors a lot that you rent a vehicle and put in some drive time because you definitely won’t regret being mobile when traveling outside of the city itself.

To Recap:

Seattle is an experience as beautiful as it is refined. In a place where coffee is as abundant as the mountains that surround it this is the kind of city that is easy to get immersed in if you are the type of person who is into the arts and the outdoors. The diverse culinary aspects of the city are also a nice addition to the already great atmosphere. That is why during the summertime Seattle is definitely a worthwhile experience. It isn’t talked about a lot since it is tucked away on the west coast but I promise you a trip to the Emerald City in Washington will most certainly change your life.

Talking points:

⦁ If coffee and the great outdoors are some of your favorite things this city might be one of the greatest traveling gems you will ever find.
⦁ Depending on the scope of what you are doing your time frame in Seattle can vary greatly. If you are going to experience things outdoors your time frame is going to be around a week to two. If you want to just experience the city itself that can be done in around three or four days.
⦁ Culinary diversity is a strong selling point for Seattle. There are a lot of excellent restaurants in the heart of the city. The Pike Place Market is definitely worth visiting once too.
⦁ If you are into the arts the EMP (Experience Music Project), SAM (Seattle Art Museum), and Pacific Science Center are great places to visit depending on what events are rolling through. Other fun landmarks to visit are the Woodland Park Zoo, Space Needle, and Golden Gardens Park also.
⦁ For the greatest outdoor experience it would be best to visit Seattle during the summer months given its rainy climate during the fall, winter, and spring.