MSM still stealing videos of our kids?

MSM still stealing videos of our kids
MSM still stealing videos of our kids

By now you must be sick of the MSM reporting about the government possibly stealing 8 miles copyright.

Now I have possibly caught them out twice stealing New Zealander’s videos. How can the MSM call out copyright fraud while they are possibly committing copyright fraud?

In today’s case, the Konui family posted a video of their child doing the haka, the last one went super viral. The video’s rights are exclusively owned by a viral video company that pays the people who film these videos real money. The news has to license the video and pay a fee.

We contacted the owner of the video to see if they gave Newshub or 1News permission to use this video before signing the rights to the viral video company Once again they were never asked, not even a facebook message. When we messaged them they replied within minutes.

As you can see once again they were never asked permission to use the footage at all, they gave Maori TV, not 1News permission. Newshub never had any permission.

Let us remind both companies that the use of this footage does not fall under fair use laws in New Zealand and like the 8 mile saga these people could take both 1News and Newshub to court for copyright fraud. have been informed of this and storyful are still investigating the last claims.

1News have turned off advertising on the video (we guess after seeing our investigations) but are still using a video without paying or asking the copyright owner for permission.

Newshub, however, is just blatantly using the video with advertising, not asking permission and not paying a license fee. Hey, at least the National party paid someone for the possible copyright fraud. Newshub is possibly just committing theft of copyright. Newshub’s disgusting use does not even give credit to the copyright owner and have watermarked it as theirs.