Many Affordable California Health Insurance Plan Options to Choose From

Many Affordable California Health Insurance Plan Options to Choose From
Many Affordable California Health Insurance Plan Options to Choose From

For California health insurance shoppers these might seem like exceedingly frightful times when it comes to finding affordable California health insurance plans. We won’t deny it: Premium rates for individual California health insurance plans have been on the rise.

However; here’s something you should know: Young adults in our state can still find a readily available and affordable California health insurance strategy that is uniquely right for them and at premium levels that are actually below some cell phone rate plans! Please don’t let media reports, assumptions, or indecision distract you from making a smart financial decision that can positively impact your life and your finances for a good, long time to come.

Just yesterday we read a financial advice column that once again drove home the value of at least owning a low-cost catastrophic health plan strategy: A 26 year old with no health insurance facing the daunting task of paying off a sudden $20,000 hospital bill versus the prospect of filing for personal bankruptcy.

We understand. We know that a young person faces certain unique financial realities: Limited budget; health and vigor that beget a feeling of invincibility; the desire to spend disposable income on other, more interesting and more immediately fulfilling pursuits, all make for an unfortunate recipe when it comes to shopping for something as mundane as a health insurance plan. But – just like maintaining your good credit and maintaining good spending and savings habits that will serve you well in the years to come – securing a free California health insurance plan quote and following up with the purchase of your own CA health plan, this is one financial decision that is on every personal finance Top 10 list!

It’s worth noting too that all new health plans sold now feature free in-network access to nationally recommended preventive care services. That means all young adults now have access to the type of important preventive care services designed to keep you feeling… well….invincible! That’s worth noting because the use of preventive health care services combined with a healthy living lifestyle like good nutritional choices and regular exercise are proven winners in maintaining good health and helping to prevent the possibility for more serious and expensive health issues later in life. To our way of thinking, that new health plan is a winner all the way around!

Young adults are also Web-savvy consumers, so buying a California health insurance plan online is as easy a process as you can imagine. It’s your choice here at Vitality online: A quick, easy online application process for your new health plan or downloading a paper application for California health insurance. Our experience and expertise make it even easier: Have you reviewed our wide range of health plans here at Vitality online and have questions about which strategy is uniquely right for you? We’re here to help with our always free personalized one on one client consultations that can be arranged at a time and place that is convenient to your hectic schedule. Call us toll free at 800-607-1950 or contact us here at Vitality online and let’s find you the best and most affordable California health insurance plan uniquely right for you.