Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

With a four mile strip encompassed by the brightest lights you will ever see the city of Las Vegas is a spectacle that every person should experience at least once. Propelled by the tireless nightlife, Vegas has always been one of the most enigmatic cities in the world. Whether your poison is good shows, good food, gambling, or just melting away by the pool there is never a shortage of new sensations to indulge in. That’s why Vegas has been famously dubbed the city of sin because it remains one of the few places in the world where anything and everything you can imagine has a price if you are just willing to pay it.

Obviously known for its gambling, Vegas does not disappoint. From low stakes to high there are levels of gambling for everyone. Wherever you go you are greeted by a sea of slot machines when you walk through the door. Going further in you will typically find each casino’s specialty games/sportsbook along with the other gerenic casino games which are offered too. While it is worth indulging in various games you should definitely come with a plan of what games you want to play and have and some flexibility in terms of spending cash as it can be very easy to overspend. Don’t be too conservative however, it is Vegas after all.

If gambling isn’t your primary interest that is also fine because most casinos offer various forms of live entertainment, shows, and shopping stores too. Before arriving for your trip it is best to plan out an itinerary of everything that you want to see beforehand. Depending on the popularity of the show you may be subject to a long wait or the show filling up completely. Book what you can in advance and if you cannot book it in advance try to make reservations as quickly as possible when you land in town.

In addition to the shows and stores comes other attractions that Vegas offers too. Depending on your kind of thrill there is something for pretty much everyone’s taste. Other attractions include the Discovery Children’s Museum, the Adventure Dome, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, and Cirque du Soleil. That only scratches the surface as there are tons of other options too. Conventions also frequent their way through Las Vegas and I highly recommend visiting some of them because depending on the time of the year you can most certainly dig up some really fun or unusual conventions that you may not get to see anywhere else.

Another nice aspect about visiting Vegas is the culinary diversity. Being a massively popular tourism location Vegas offers some of the greatest variety in the world. Strolling down the strip it would be hard to miss a lot of the options. Most hotels also offer in-house dining via a food court or restaurant. Some must eat restaurants include: Rollin Smoke Barbeque, Oyster Bar, Secret Pizza, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, and Viva Las Arepas. Gyu-Kaku is a personal favorite because of the selection and the experience that you get. Be warned though it is a barbeque place so you will be cooking your own food (however if you are okay with that I promise it will not disappoint).


With all of that said now, if these things (food, gambling, and conventions) are still not enough for you that leaves the final and most wild part of Vegas….the parties. Depending on what kind of party scene is your favorite there is a party for every kind of person. From Bare at the Mirage to Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel to private hotel parties there are near endless options. If you do choose to go to a public party or lounge you can expect the price to be rather high. As a guy the average fee is $30-$50 minimum. That isn’t to say that you should cheap out however because if you skip out on the parties in Vegas you would be missing out on a lot of fun. The parties are definitely half the reason why Vegas is what it is. It is just finding which party suits you best. Once again though, try to be flexible with your money because it is real easy to want to rent that Cabana suite at the Mirage and find yourself out a lot more money than you wanted to be.

Morale of the story, try to be responsible but not too responsible here.

To Recap:
It is called the city of sin for good reason. Las Vegas does not disappoint if you are looking for a week or weekend in the fast lane. The parties, clubs, shows, conventions, and casinos will definitely leave you (and your wallet) wrung out when all is said and done. I mean that in a good way though because there is no other place in the world where you can travel down one street and experience so many different things. Regardless of which part of Las Vegas you are into it is most certainly a great place for repeat tourism because despite the city itself never really changing the events, places, and the people are what makes the Las Vegas experience truly unique.
Talking points:

If the great outdoors are your priority Las Vegas doesn’t necessarily offer as much as other locations however if you are willing to rent a car and take a drive there are somewhat nearby places (such as Zion National park in Utah or Red Rock in Nevada) which are absolutely beautiful.

If you aren’t interested in gambling or the nightlife you may find yourself pretty hard pressed to do much outside of attending shows or going to exhibitions / conventions.
If you are interested in the gambling or the nightlife it can be very easy to find yourself spending way above your budget very quickly. It is best to prepare a healthy budget and either be willing to stick to it or realize that you should probably prepare more money as you may very well need it.

The shows in this city are some of the best in the world. I don’t normally recommend fully planning out a trip in advance as it takes away some of the enchanting aspects of exploring the city but it is good to come with a decent plan in mind when visiting Las Vegas because it is easy to get caught up and miss some things you wanted to do on your list because there are so many different things to do.