If your loved one – depends. How to help?

If your loved one - depends. How to help?
If your loved one - depends. How to help?

The dependence of drug, alcohol, gaming is the pain and destruction, poisons life of dependent himself, and the life of his loved ones – relatives, friends. When such problem comes into the house, it affects everyone.

Just to send a man to a rehabilitation center – it’s not all

Therefore, if family and friends care about the fate of a loved one in distress, it is important to participate actively in the rehabilitation process, collaboration with staff of the rehabilitation center.

So what is this job?

On Fridays in rehabilitation centers Fund (the exact time, please call the staff of the center) special events are held for our relatives. These classes are held either as a therapeutic group, or in the form of lectures, in which relatives get information about chemical dependence, codependence and also about patients and healthy ways to communicate with their loved ones.

It is important for families to be in constant contact with a psychologist of center as often as possible to attend individual counseling, which analyzes the current dynamics of the resident and family participation is determined by the shape of the rehabilitation process. With a specialist you can share your fears, doubts, feelings and get the necessary support.

I, as a program director, the resident’s relatives often ask the question: “How much time is needed for a successful outcome?” I can not clearly answer this question. But I want to remind you – we are dealing with a chronic, incurable, progressive disease that affects the physical, psycho-emotional, social and spiritual sphere of human being. So, yes we can talk about the factors that guarantee the quality of the adaptation process and the integration of residents in a vast society. In fact, such factors are many, but let me introduce you to three of them, which, in my opinion, are the keys.

The first factor is

A written doing of the therapeutic targets and their following elaboration in small groups. Basic tasks are focused on the work on the first three steps of 12-step program. Through this work, the resident passes the way of overcoming the resistance that has the disease, before the recognition and accepting his condition, understanding and accommodation of his impotence before the addiction, find a Higher Power, understanding the necessity of faith and its acquisition. This working process provides a strong foundation on which will further pass the resident’s life in society .The Fortress of it is provided by complete studying of the three steps of the program and the accompanying additional jobs. Special assignments are given by a personal monitor, based on the individual characteristics of the resident, his motivation, the degree of destruction and the desire to stop using drugs, alcohol, stop playing. These tasks can be done to a small group or individually monitor.

The second factor is – passing the functions

In the process of adaptation a resident moves to a kind of career ladder within the community – it is the responsibility on the functions (fizorg, chef, etc.). This promotion increases his status and gives certain privileges. Changing the job happens on the same level and allows to get acquainted with all aspects of the life community. Changing the job in the centre is an effective therapeutic means, which provides ways for the necessary changes in behavior and in views. The rise on the vertical structure of the therapeutic community shows how well the resident has learned what he was taught in the center, hence, his promotion is significant for his personal growth. On another work with the same qualification or lower there are situations that require the use of new personal skills. This changing of the work is designed to educate people with new ways to cope with the changes and modifications which may be regarded as unjust and oppressive.

The order and timing of incurring functions

The resident gets his first function after a week stay at the center.

Firefly (responsible for electricity)
Man of Fire (responsible for the sauna)
Term of incurring these functions – 1 week.

massovika – joker
The chief repair
The chief of washing
Timing of incurring functions – 2 weeks.

The owner of the house
Kitchen Chef
Head of security service
The President
For a positive result on the basis of rehabilitation it is necessary to carry all of the functions.

The third factor is a group of self-analysis( on the results of the day).

Starting from the first day of residence in the center, children make a written self-analysis. Drug addiction and alcoholism is the disease of depressed unconscious feelings and experiences. That’s why It is very important to restore the ability to recognize and understand the feelings. To understand how they are associated with, their effect on health of residents and link between feelings and behavior.

During this daily habit of hard work appears a skill to a permanent monitoring yourself. Any failure usually has a certain momentum, and starts and is being developed this process in mind. Recovering addicts often say that the price of liberty – the vigilance. Now you understand the importance of this factor in the rehabilitation process.

Thus, all three of these factors in general are the key moment of the process of social adaptation. The planned development in all the fields allows a resident to gain a sustainable motivation for recovery and stable dynamics in the rehabilitation process, and in future will minimize the number of stressful and problematic situations that arise when resident returns in the vast society.

Dear friends! Social adaptation – it is a complex, time-consuming process for a resident of the center. But for his family is no less complicated process, it is often associated with painful emotional and often financial difficulties. I wish you patience, courage, perseverance and confidence. I have a firm conviction that together we will achieve a positive result, and return to your families peace, prosperity and joy!