Helping You Find Affordable California Health Insurance Plans

Helping You Find Affordable California Health Insurance Plans
Helping You Find Affordable California Health Insurance Plans

We are very sensitive to the fact that the cost of maintaining or acquiring a new California health insurance plan has gone up…and may continue to go up. We are also sensitive to the fact that for some folks, the thought that there might be some other alternative out there on the California health insurance scene that is affordable, reliable, and readily available when you and your family needs health coverage would be heaven-sent.

Unfortunately the rising cost of securing California health insurance has opened the door to more interest in the concept of the medical discount card and that has us worried because it’s entirely possible that some California health insurance consumers may not understand the difference between this “product” and the California health insurance plan you presently own or are considering buying. The differences between the two are significant and if the consumer doesn’t understand what a medical-discount card really is, it could lead to both significant financial hardship and heartache for you and your family at a time when you might be in dire need of legitimate health coverage and at your most vulnerable.

A medical-discount card might charge a ‘membership fee’ that the consumer might mistake for an insurance premium.
The membership fee buys you a list of doctors, medical facilities, and other health service providers that offer discounted rates for medical services.
A medical-discount card doesn’t cover any medical bills.
Here’s how Vitality can help: We’re here to provide careful, considerate client consultation to you and your family and help you understand your range of options. If you’re considering the merits of a medical-discount card because you find yourself feeling stressed out or vulnerable about your current California health insurance strategy, reach out to us and before you make any decision that you think might save you money, get the single best value on the California health insurance scene from an independent authorized agency such as Vitality: Our services are always free! That’s right – the careful, considerate consultation and one-on-one personalized services Vitality provides you, your family – even your California small business – are always 100% free.