Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Looking for your next greatest traveling gem? You may have just found it. Harrison Hot Springs is a resort village located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia at the south end of the Harrison Lake. What makes this place so delightful you ask? Not only is it cozy but the view is gorgeous, the mountains are abundant, and even during the most peak parts of the summer it remains an affordable yet great family destination.


When it comes to your hotel options in the city there are numerous resorts alongside the main Harrison Hot Spring Resort & Spa itself. The main resort and spa is loaded with lots of amenities making it a great place to stay when bringing the whole family. To put things in perspective if you are the kind of person who fancies tennis courts, free afternoon tea and cookies, a little bit of golfing (9 hole course), boat rentals, and access to a full beauty salon then this place might be for you. Oh and did I also mention that because it is located on a natural hot spring you will have full access to five thermally powered pools too? If that doesn’t sound like the pinnacle of relaxation I don’t even know what does.


Another feature that makes Harrison Hot Springs such an enticing travel destination is that if you have access to a car there are actually a lot of outdoor activities you can do nearby also. One particular location worth checking out is the Sasquatch Provincial Park with its beautiful sights. It is a short drive from Harrison Hot Springs and makes for a great day trip with a few really nice lake views where you can rent canoes and paddle around. Depending on the time of the year the Hemlock Valley Ski Resort is also within an hour drive making it another worthwhile day trip if you are interested in skiing too. For those who are more aquatically inclined you can also do things such as get on a boat and go fishing or get on a paddle boat and row around the Harrison lake. There are some pretty fantastic photo opportunities if you are brave enough to bring your camera out with you.

Don’t feel like leaving the city? That is totally fine too because there are usually some fun live music options or cultural events depending on the month. I would suggest checking an events calendar in advance when you are booking your stay as there can be some pretty cool shows that roll around. Along with the events there are also a few bar and pub options around town if you feel like grabbing a drink at any time.

In terms of actual food options Harrison Hot Springs has a decent selection for a small resort village. Foods ranging from bistro related dishes to burgers and pizza to even a bit of sushi too. A few good restaurants to visit when in town are: Morgan’s Bistro, Black Forest Restaurant, Muddy Waters Espresso Bar, and Kitami Japanese Restaurant. Harrison Hot Spring Resort and Spa’s Lakeside Cafe is another good bet for breakfast too.

To Recap:

Harrison Hot Springs is a delightful, cozy experience at an affordable price. It is located near a big Provincial Park and not too far away from a ski resort for those who do get the urge to get out and do other things during their stay. For those of you who are perfectly content by the pool however this will also never disappoint. With its thermal pools, fully operational spa, marina with boats, and large beach shore along the mountainside Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa comes fully equipped to cater to all of your relaxation needs. It is nestled away in the Fraser Valley for good reason. Because this little secret is so remarkable that the first time you step foot on the sand and gaze out onto the magnificent Harrison Lake you will see exactly what you have been missing out on your whole life.

Talking points:

⦁ Given the scope of Harrison Hot Springs and it being a relaxation centered location this trip is best experienced in a three or four day time span.
⦁ Depending on the time of the year Harrison Hot Springs is also less than an hour drive from the Hemlock Valley Resort if you enjoy skiing too.
⦁ Sasquatch Provincial Park is a fun day trip and great place to do a lot of walking around for anyone that enjoys nature and the outdoors.
⦁ Although the resort costs may not be through the roof the food and drink costs are definitely at a resort level. If you are traveling on a dime it might be best to bring food that you can prepare yourself. The overall cost isn’t steep but it is higher than average if you are eating out for every meal. Check Harrison Hot Springs official site for hotel stay coupons too as they run promotions from time to time also.
⦁ If you want the greatest relaxation experience it is best to visit Harrison Hot Springs during the summer.