Great value in California health insurance and more from Vitality

Great value in California health insurance and more from Vitality
Great value in California health insurance and more from Vitality

The other day a friend of the Vitality team was grousing about the commission he was paying for a broker on a financial transaction he was making. He wasn’t particularly happy with the broker’s service nor was he happy with the commission schedule he was on with the broker.

That got us thinking about the great value Vitality represents to the California health insurance consumer. There are many ways we add value to the California health plan shopper experience and we thought it would be worthwhile to review just some of the ways we serve our clients and represent great value in the process:

Our services to the client are always free. Always. Our fees are built into the premium amount. In our industry the rates for the health plans you’ll find here at Vitality are filed and regulated by the California Department of Insurance (DOI). What that means to the consumer is this: The price for a health plan you favor and apply for will be the same whether you buy the plan from Vitality, another agency, or directly from the health insurance company itself.

When you buy your plan from Vitality, you are getting the most affordable health plan that is uniquely right for you and you are also getting the Vitality commitment to Total Quality client service. Total Quality. To us that means a dedication to your complete satisfaction. The Vitality team advocates on your behalf when it comes to the health insurance company you apply with. Have a billing or claims issue? That’s an important service you get from your Vitality Team that is part of that monthly health insurance premium you are paying. We’re all consumers: Each of us knows how frustrating it can be to deal with a large corporate entity on a customer service issue. This is where our services on behalf of the client really shine!

We establish a relationship with our clients that serves your interests throughout the course of a life lived here in California. We’re dedicated to being a trusted consultative resource for your insurance needs for the long term: Starting out as a young adult buying a first individual California health plan and then transitioning to a need for a family health plan with maternity coverage? Moving from an individual or group plan to a need for an affordable Medigap plan? Perhaps you also have need for a California life insurance or California long term care insurance plan as your life and lifestyle changes? This is why we are dedicated to a Total Quality client experience here at Vitality. Establishing ourselves as a reliable resource over the course of time and for a variety of insurance needs, demands a dedication to completely satisfying the needs of the client. That’s what Total Quality and Vitality is all about.

We protect your consumer interests and your privacy: We understand that the process of buying a California health plan or some other type of California insurance product involves providing us with sensitive and personal information about you and your family. We value your trust and we protect the information you share with us. We never sell or trade your contact information, personal information, or any data about our clients. Never.
Want a quote for a California health insurance plan? Great! See item 1 above: It’s free! You can feel free (Literally!) to use our website’s quoting tool to generate as many quotes as you’d like. They are free and you are under no obligation to buy. Want to talk with us about creating a California health insurance strategy that is uniquely right for you? Here again: Feel free! Our careful, considerate client consultations are free and contain no obligation on the part of the client.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed writing it: We love the feeling we get from helping people and doing so with no cost to the client. You deserve affordable California health insurance – you deserve Vitality!