Google supports apple on “iphone case”

Google supports apple on “iphone case”
Google supports apple on “iphone case”

Google has 1,400 million devices running Google android worldwide between cell phones, TVs, tablets and wise watches. Since the other day, it has a concern: make it actually safer. The outbreak of the case facing Apple with the FBI by blocking the iPhone 5C has produced the technology industry alert to their responsibility. Hiroshi Lockheimer, vice president of Google, speaks cautiously of the problem: “The problem is delicate. I really do not have everything, but we can say for certain that items if authorities inquire you for information and also have it, it is given by you. This time, the ask for has implications, they would like to change the program. If you surrender, it’ll be a bad precedent, an exception which can be repeated. This scenario opens a debate that impacts us all, “he says within an interview at the Cellular Globe Congress in Barcelona.

If you surrender, it’ll be a bad precedent

Asked whether security ought to be above privacy, the relative head of Android, known as a collective reflection is manufactured: “Whenever they gives more instances, but opens the debate for the whole industry. Any new technology deserves debate. ”

The manager returned to 2006, when the project started Android: “He was created with safety at heart, because we’d very present the way the virus lurked the PC. Right from the start it was regarded as safe, of program there who would like to burst, but we review each app that is uploaded to your platform. Just 0.5% of users possess security concerns. We oblige companions like Samsung or LG, to make periodic improvements and revisions. ”

Virtual reality

Unlike last year’s MWC, where everything revolved around intelligent watches, this season the virtual the truth is the protagonist. Google’s bet is usually Cardboard, a modest cardboard package with a lens, that have recently been distributed five million devices. “We are already focusing on another version,” reveals. “The main thing isn’t the technology, but what you can do with it,” he provides. Still, there are a lot more than 17 types of watches with Google android Put on, its adaptation to gown home appliances. He highlighted the Moto 360 Sport using daily among the most interesting.

Artificial intelligence is definitely emerging as another big area to explore upon Google: “Our goal can be that voice recognition know to understand the context. Not really stay to answer queries but to check out conversations naturally”.

The rise of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger has remaining Google in times somewhat unpleasant in this flourish messaging. On Mon he announced that the hands of the operators, would create a fresh protocol. The supervisor clarifies the inspiration of the movement: “In addition to the growth of the platforms, there is the SMS, which can be used frequently but was obsolete still. We want to upgrade it, enrich it. ”

Through the entire life of Android have marked some milestones, such as for example that premiered 3G with T-Mobile in the usa with among its Nexus, the model that try tag the passage to producers, and afterwards repeated moving the knowledge with Verizon and 4G.

Google is likely to unveil another version of Google android before summertime, during its annual meeting in May. Following his custom will need to take another letter of the alphabet, touch n, and make reference to a sweet. For times on Twitter there is certainly speculation that Nutella is named, as the favorite cream with hazelnut chocolate. Lockheimer laughingly acknowledged that is clearly a possibility, “It isn’t the very first time we place a trademark, occurred to Kit-Kat, nonetheless it could be nougat”.