George soros is… awesome?! Google censorship goes insane

george soros is… awesome?! google censorship goes insane
george soros is… awesome?! google censorship goes insane

By now you’re probably at least slightly familiar with George Soros. This egomaniacal supervillain, infamously known for his collaboration with the Nazis (despite being Jewish himself) and making his fortune by “breaking the Bank of England”, has in recent years been brought under enormous scrutiny through his actions funding worldwide political movements aimed at destabilising Western democracies.

Users on Reddit and elsewhere discovered recently that Google seems to have somewhat of a soft spot for Soros.

Go to Google and type in the following “Soros is a” … and take a look at the autocomplete suggestions.

Perplexed by the positivity? Try the phrase with Bing, or DuckDuckGo.

Oh dear. It would seem that Google is blatantly attempting to manipulate public opinion again.

It seems that in the 9 days or so since this story first broke (examples here, here), Google has softened its approach and now also suggests that Soros is anti-American. The fact that Soros is at all suggested to be “awesome” is highly disturbing, let alone have this as the first suggestion. Google simply should not have this power over our society.

Google frequently engages in censorship, often at the behest of government agencies, so this is unfortunately not without precedent. This particular incident, however, represents something new, something far more sinister.

The conglomerate of Internet services holds an unnervingly enormous amount of sway over modern Internet usage, managing not only the most popular search engine but also the most popular mobile operating system, Android. Since 2015 Google has been owned by the parent company Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet Inc was formed by the two founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2015 to more effectively administer the growing complexity and size of the Google apparatus. The new parent company now also administers companies formerly owned directly by Google.

In a somewhat ominous move, the new company Alphabet dropped the famous motto, “Don’t be evil”, previously enshrined in the corporate Code of Conduct by Google for over a decade. The phrase was an iconic symbol of independence for the new world of the Internet, and even though it was publicly criticised at times, it at least represented a certain pretense of morality.

It would seem those heady days of the transparent, open, early Internet are behind us. If only the Internet was as much of an Open Society as George Soros’ foundations.