Generation of the easily offended and “triggered”

Generation of the easily offended and “triggered”
Generation of the easily offended and “triggered”

Recent months have shown us that the extremely politically correct will stop at nothing, even demanding historical statues be removed for offending them, to protect their frail minds.

We live in interesting times with a generation of easily offended and an overly entitled population striving to have anything that could offend anyone removed from existence.

From supermarket Aldi being campaigned to remove their “rape yellow” paint (rapeseed colour) after it caused “a woman to become “furious and upset” when she saw it in a store in Coventry”

If I was to list every article that covers someone being enraged and having something removed because they felt hurt by it, I’d run out of hosting space on the website.

Recently the media has decided to put “trigger warnings” in their articles. Monash University in Australia has put trigger warnings in their courses to outline any emotionally distressing course. Archaeology students can now leave a lecture without being penalised if they find bones too upsetting.

Earlier this year I posted the story that Melbourne in Australia would be rolling out female traffic crossings as the symbols currently used around the world are too male-dominant. This was just the icing on the cake of a society falling in on itself thanks to the idea that gender and symbolism is the real issue.

Things are only going to get worse as the generation grows older. The world is a harsh place with bills to pay, employers to please and any decent-paying job remaining in a high-stress industry. As the world grows softer, the very foundation of our society becomes more and more pathetic.