Free Employee Benefits with Group Health Insurance California Plans from Blue Shield

Free Employee Benefits with Group Health Insurance California Plans from Blue Shield
Free Employee Benefits with Group Health Insurance California Plans from Blue Shield

All California health insurance shoppers looking for California health insurance plans will note that the best and most affordable health plans from industry leaders like Blue Shield of California also come with great value adds like free health and wellness tools for members! Group health insurance California clients can likewise expect that their Blue Shield group health plans will come with equally great value adds in the form of an assortment of free and valuable benefits for your employees and their eligible dependents!

With the great value that starts with the always free quotes for group health insurance California plans along with our always free client services here at Vitality, let’s add these great value adds to the lineup when your company or organization selects Blue Shield of California as your source for group health coverage:

The Healthy Lifestyle Rewards online program: With this free online program your employees get great and highly useful information about diet and nutrition, exercise, reducing stress, quitting smoking, along with great interactive tools that are focused on motivating your employees to start and maintain healthy lifestyle strategies for themselves and their family. Healthier, happier employees mean lower medical bills and that’s a money-saving win-win for both your business and your employee team!
NurseHelp 24/7 and LifeReferrals 24/7: Help whenever your employee needs it! A nurse hotline for medical and health issues. LifeReferrals means a team of experienced professionals who can help your employees with an array of work/life issues. A great resource that is there for your team 24/7!
Well informed consumers of health care services can make better choices when it comes to accessing these services. Blue Shield offers a suite of health condition management tools, hospital comparison tools, and pharmacy tools that work on behalf of your employees to help them become savvier consumers of health services and prescription medicines.
Is yours a small business faced with many stressful daily challenges? Blue Shield helps you with efficiency and productivity with its ‘My Health Plan’ feature: Your employees can easily log on to and see the highlights and the details of their health plan! This self serve feature means you and/or your benefits administration team can rely on Blue Shield as your strategic partner in handling administrative tasks and let you concentrate on managing your business for success!
Blue Shield adds to the value with a lineup of wellness discount programs that includes member discounts with Weight Watchers; 24 Hour Fitness; and alternative care discount programs for those members who choose acupuncture, massage therapy and other alternative services. Check with your Vitality California health insurance team for more information on a complete listing on these value added discount programs from Blue Shield!

The value added features we’ve discussed above are focused on helping your employee team maintain peak health and wellness. These features have been shown to have significant value with employees, who appreciate the assistance these programs typically lend members in their ongoing efforts to lead active, healthy lifestyles. The best part of all these member benefits? It’s that they truly are ‘value added’! In addition to the value that comes with making the best and most affordable group health plans from Blue Shield of California available to your employees, they get the added value that comes with this important range of free health and wellness benefits.

That’s a winning combination for your employees, but it’s also a winner for you and your business: Employees who are dedicated to a path of making good decisions about their healthy lifestyle choices – and get consistent help in maintaining their ongoing efforts – can mean a healthier, more productive workforce for your business and can also mean an ability to control health care costs.