Finding Your Dream Vacation

Finding Your Dream Vacation
Finding Your Dream Vacation

Hot or cold? Tropical or rocky? When planning out your next big trip here is a checklist I created to help keep you organized when it comes to weighing out where you want to go.

1. Does your dream vacation need to be somewhere exotic?

Although it is not quite always true exotic typically correlates to higher cost. Effectively what this question is asking is whether you have the extra cash to fork over to go where you want. Otherwise I would recommend sticking to some place within your native country or a neighboring country if it isn’t too far out of reach.

2. Does your dream vacation need to be by the water?

If beach time is a mandatory part of your dream vacation you are pretty much eliminating most options which are not tropical. Obviously there are plenty of beautiful beaches in the world which are not tropical but usually the biggest attractions are located on a warm island.

Keep in mind that tsunamis do occur in tropical climates so be prepared to be on the lookout for those when traveling to island destinations.

3. Would you be okay with a cooler climate?

If you are okay with changing your scenery a cooler climate will definitely offer some locations you won’t get anywhere else. Iceland is a prime example of a gorgeous destination in the midst of a cool region. With its geothermal pools and spas it can definitely be a unique experience for anyone who is willing to venture out north.

4. Would you be okay with lots of nature and hiking?

Places like New Zealand, Canada, and Switzerland headline only part of the massive list of places to visit as a nature lover or hikers. When in doubt you can never go wrong with Europe and the great outdoors. Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park are great options within the United States too.

5. Are you the kind of person that wants a good night life experience?

For better or worse this will narrow your search greatly. Places such as Spain, Florida, London, Las Vegas, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, and New York can definitely give you a better atmosphere if you are the kind of person who wants to stay up late at night.

6. Do you enjoy solitude or lots of other people nearby?

Regardless of where you go during the summertime you are going to experience significantly more people. With that said however there are definitely places which you can visit that are not extremely overcrowded. Pockets of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia are a few good places to check out. On the flip side of the coin if you enjoy the bustle of a big city you can never go wrong with New York, Hong Kong, or Dubai as they are all large yet absolutely stunning cities.

7. Do you want to be spoiled when you travel?

Obviously hotels play a rather large factor but in places such as Singapore, Dubai, and Las Vegas you are going to generally receive a much more luxurious stay than if you stood anywhere else.

8. Do culinary aspects play into your dream vacation?

Food is a big factor for some and depending on where you go the culinary landscape can differ greatly. Everyone obviously has their own preferences so instead of listing good places to go it is best to do your own research and find the types of food you want to eat and then narrow down your search from there.

9. Are you afraid of germs and bugs?

Once again, this varies from country to country given the different cultures. If you are the kind of person who needs a nice clean bathroom you might consider looking at your destination ahead of time to ensure that you will get all of the amenities that you enjoy back home.

10. Is safety a primary concern?

This last point is again one that varies from country to country but has a large significance. Safety is a big concern for a lot of people so before you go traveling it is best to look into the area that you are visiting before you buy your tickets. It may seem like common sense but it is probably not the best idea to go visit a country which is in the middle of a civil war, famine, or natural disaster. Instead I would suggest re-adjusting your itinerary to include a place where you won’t have to worry as much when you go outside. With that said if you are looking to avoid countries in conflict that does cut down on the list of places you can visit.

If safety doesn’t matter for you and you are the kind of person that enjoys a good adventure no matter what then by all means continue onward. You will definitely have more options that way.

Final Note: I think the key takeaway from this list is to balance out each factor and examine what aspects matter most to you. If it is amenities and nice scenery that will definitely eliminate some places. If it is tropical scenery with some nice beaches that will eliminate other options too. That is why it is important to figure out what you want and weigh out the cost, safety, and experience that you will get because we can only take so many trips during our lifetime. It is important to make the trips that we do take count.