CES 2016: News

CES 2016: News
CES 2016: News

On the 9th of this month ends the first major technology events of the year worldwide, the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. This is the most important event related to consumer technology with the Mobile World Congress and the IFA Berlin.

As the first of the year, this fair you can see all the important technological innovations for this year. Big brands wear their best clothes and present diversity of products and prototypes, offering the user a guide on the strongest technological trends.

This time we considered more appropriate to describe it in terms of the devices that are setting trends.

The first is undoubtedly the television. The main trend now evolves from the HD to the HDR (High Dynamic Range) and from 1080p to 4K. We must also mention the introduction of Ultra HD Blue Ray, which will soon come to television of the leading firms.

The more technology in the field of television brands are Sony, Samsung and LG.

Samsung has surprised us with a modular TV: It is a panel that is divided into 18 sub-panels, which can be positioned to suit the user. Do you want to be aware of two programs or two football games at the same time? Well, that will be one of the star features of this TV.

Sony has unveiled its new 4K TVs 55, 65 and 75 inches and LG has introduced a rollable display, a flexible OLED 18 inches.

Another sector in which it is innovating by leaps and bounds is the laptops. It tends to evolve towards mobility and functionality combined with a single computer.

Lenovo is revolutionizing the industry and has put the OLED technology in one of his notebooks, the ThinkPad X1 Yoga.

Acer has introduced its Acer monitor H7, USB type C. Another known brand that has submitted a similar monitor is Dell.

Now begin to predominate mergers between laptops and tablets and one such example is the Galaxy S. TabPro HP also unveiled its HP Spectre X360 convertible with OLED.

Another trend of the show is based on the connectivity of the vehicles. The new Mercedes E-class is an example, based on the IoT, with Nvidia processors, sensors and positioning and navigation screens especially increased.

Other brands such as Faraday, Chevrolet and Volkswagen also presented their prototypes.

Smart homes were another of the outstanding issues. Homes controlled via smartphone, with the ability to control all household appliances. Others such as Samsung, intend to do so through the TV.

We have seen from a smart refrigerator that makes selfies, to smart blinds. Finally, note the revolution wearables, that seem to go through now watches and bracelets, and the lack of developments regarding smartphones, which are beginning to conceive as a command to manage our environment, but there are apply great progress on the latest shows.

The field of drones has also had its star moment. We have seen a drone that follows and lands on car developed by Ford and DJI and another that carries people, EHang 184.

Another of the most anticipated new features is the Oculus Rift, which has already secured him a price: $ 599 US and 699 euros in Europe.