California Travel Insurance

California Travel Insurance
California Travel Insurance

Going on vacation? Studying abroad? Planning a new chapter in your life that involves living the life of an expatriate? Whether your travels are short term or long term, take a trusted friend with you: Vitality’s California Travel Insurance is your assurance that wherever your life takes you, you’ll have access to quality healthcare you can rely on!

Thank you for your review of our California travel insurance section. You know; when we think of travel insurance the thing that might spring immediately to mind is the exercise of buying insurance in the event of a lost piece of luggage or the missed connection with the cruise ship that muddles the enjoyment of a vacation, honeymoon, or some other special event. We don’t blame you if your travel plans for that once in a lifetime trip outside the country are centered on finding just the right hotel or some other logistical issue related to making the trip everything you want it to be for you and your family. As veteran travelers, who’ve missed our own share of connections and could swear that one of our bags is still on a baggage carousel somewhere out there in the world, we’ve got a California travel insurance plan for just such occasions! Our plans go a step further though: We offer you a California travel insurance plan from a trusted leader, skilled in helping travelers gain access to quality healthcare they can rely on in the course of their global travels: HTH Worldwide.

Founded in 1997 and presently serving the annual travel healthcare needs of hundreds of thousands who are making the world their home through their pursuit of business goals and/or the pursuit of personal leisure travel or educational pursuits.

You might find these next set of statistics shocking and we know we did when we researched the information we wanted to talk about for the vital section of California travel insurance: There are over 30 million people in the world who live and work outside their country of citizenship. Further, there are over 2 million U.S. retirees living abroad with still another 2 million plus scholars studying overseas and even more than that in the form of private sector and public sector employees who train overseas as well. We’re proud of our partnership with HTH Worldwide in supplying California travel insurance solutions to consumers who might find themselves briefly overseas for a one-time event, or for longer term overseas travel and living arrangements including the expatriate lifestyle, educational requirements or personal prerogatives that take them away from our shores to faraway lands. Perhaps it’s not something we think about but the reasons for extended overseas travel and the need for access to California travel insurance for those living, working, and traveling abroad are as varied as the cultures these travelers are likely to encounter. Please read along with us as we’ve designed this web page to cover the vast possibilities that might be possible for so many of friends and neighbors here in California who might already be using the affordable advantages of California health insurance but will need to protect their health and financial wellbeing should events place them outside the borders of the United States and outside the range of their California health insurance.

The Global Citizen Health Plan: Planning to live outside the country for six months or more? The HTH Worldwide Global Citizen Plan is for you! Offers access to a rigorously vetted network of medical providers worldwide.

The Global Navigator Health Plan: A purpose built health plan designed especially for those who are giving back to our global community through volunteerism and missionary work. Concentrate on the work you love and that which feeds your soul secure in the knowledge that HTH Worldwide’s Global Navigator Plan offers carefully selected medical providers in nearly every corner of the world with such features as a 24/7 call center, emergency evacuation service, and access to U.S. care without concern for length of furlough time.
Global Navigator is also applicable to maritime crews and their employers. If you’re crewing on a yacht that’s traveling the seven seas HTH has the plan that’s right for you…and your skipper!

TravelGap Multi-trip Health Plan: Are you a frequent traveler with trips frequently outside the country? An unexpected health emergency can be financially ruinous outside our country’s borders. Yes, you’ve got California health insurance, but do you have healthcare coverage if you should fall victim to illness or injury outside the country? Protect yourself and your finances with TravelGap Multi-trip Health Plan.

TravelGap Single Trip Health Plan: For trips abroad up to six months. Protect your health. Protect your finances. Have the peace of mind you and your family deserve while experiencing the enriching experience of global travel with HTH travel insurance.

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Trip Protector: HTH Worldwide’s TripProtector is your comprehensive toolkit for protecting each element of your travel experience up to and including certain medical needs. Delayed flights, lost or delayed baggage, rental car damage, ambulance services, dental for accidental injury or relief of pain…and the list goes on. Reduce the stress; reduce the worry; and the potential for loss or financial burden with TripProtector!

U.S. Students Abroad: Do you have a son or daughter who is about to experience the educational experience of a lifetime with the opportunity for study abroad? Or: Perhaps you’re the scholar who is about to embark on an exciting educational experience at a school or research facility in another part of the world. The selection of an HTH Worldwide U.S. Students abroad plan which will ensure access to trusted medical providers around the world should be an integral part of your overseas study planning process. Count on the California health insurance professionals at Vitality Health Insurance Services to be your trusted planning partner in the health and wellbeing of the international student in your family!

Global Student USA: You’re a full time student studying in the United States but with no access to the California health insurance Vitality offers. Your Vitality solution? The Global Student USA health plan is a California travel insurance product available to international students studying full time here in the U.S.! HTH Worldwide offers a multilingual U.S. call center with access to an amazing health care provider network located throughout the United States! Concentrate on your studies and the rich experiences to be had in the United States and let HTH concentrate on your health and wellbeing!

Global HealthGuard Health Plan: Are you a company with two or more employees posted to job assignments outside the country for six months or more? Do these employees have their families with them? Protect the health and wellbeing of your employees and their loved ones with the Global HealthGuard health plan you and your Vitality professional can secure through HTH Worldwide – the industry leader in overseas travel insurance.

HTH Business Traveler Health Plan: You’re a California business with employees who regularly travel outside the country to conduct business on the company’s behalf. Ensure their continued health and wellbeing with the reliable and trustworthy access to medical care that comes with the HTH medical provider network with providers spread throughout the world. Emergencies happen: Give your employees the peace of mind that comes with HTH Business Traveler health insurance from HTH. HTH Business Traveler is also a great way to protect the health of employees from outside the country who are stateside for business, training, or other short term assignments.

In your travels around the globe, count on the professionals from Vitality Health Insurance Services and the California travel insurance product lineup to be with you every step of the way! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of life’s rich journey!