Bucket List: Seychelles

Bucket List: Seychelles
Bucket List: Seychelles

Looking for a gorgeous tropical gem? Seychelles might be your destination. With its refined atmosphere and stunning beaches this little island is part of a larger archipelago based off of the coast of East Africa. Containing a small population of under 100,000 it is nice because of its location and its privacy. Another part of what makes Seychelles so cool is that it consists of three main islands (Praslin, La Digue and Mahé) all which are within nearby reach of one another.

What Seychelles is known for:

What makes Seychelles such a neat location? Well, its beaches are absolutely gorgeous as they are decorated by the coral reefs and pristine blue water right off the shore. When you feast your eyes on the white sand for the first time you will see how everything helps accent that warm tropical feel. On the other hand another nice feature of Seychelles is that it also contains a couple national parks for those who are interested in nature too. The Morne Seychelles National Park is the largest but for those looking for their outdoors fix you can visit the other islands and see the Ste Anne Marine National Park (right off of Mahé) or you can visit the Praslin National Park (on Praslin) too.

As far as wildlife goes Seychelles is also known for containing lots of different plants, trees, and tropical animals. Of the most notable are the giant Aldabra tortoises, coco de mer (double coconuts) and the nearly extinct Jellyfish trees.

If you are a fan of sunsets I have been also told that Seychelles sunsets are some of the best in the world. It is something that almost can’t be explained in its radiance. It is instead something you need to experience firsthand.

Why Seychelles should be on your bucket list:

To put things simply I will say this. If you are in the mood for relaxation Seychelles should be on your list. For a smaller tropical destination you get a good blend of nature packed onto a single set of local islands. If that point alone doesn’t sell you then you might take the time to look into their cuisine. For those who favor seafood you might enjoy checking out their local food as it is mainly seafood based with some spice adaptations. Additionally, Mahé has its own dark rum called Takamaka which can contain vanilla and caramel (spiced version), coconut (coconut version), or higher potency (white version) if you are the kind of person who fancies trying locally made tropical rum too.

General round trip flight cost:

This varies from country to country but flying out of the United States the total cost will typically run you about $2,000+, Germany will cost around: $1,000, Japan around $1,500 and Australia around $1,500 too.