Another terrorist attack, another day in denial after manchester bombing – the cycle continues

another terrorist attack, another day in denial after manchester bombing – the cycle continues
another terrorist attack, another day in denial after manchester bombing – the cycle continues

In the last few years, there have been several terrorist attacks in France, Germany and the United Kingdom – all perpetrated (or claimed to have been) by radicalised Muslims. The number of attacks in the Middle East region alone is excessive. And yet, here we are again, with the Manchester Arena attack in which as of posting 22 have been killed and over 50 injuries have been reported. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

We posted this earlier, wrong date and everything, the amount of support from people not seeing the irony or sarcasm was worrying.
The 2017 Manchester Arena bombing took place at the end of the Ariana Grande concert and has seen the nation – and world – jump to their feet in supporting and “staying strong” those affected. It’s a story we’ve all heard repeatedly, and for how long will this last? How long until the next attack happens? How long will the constant social media hashtags and “we will not be divided” chants ring for until another attack, where the same old song plays again?

American president Donald Trump has responded, calling the terrorists “evil losers”. Trump is currently in Saudi Arabia celebrating a $110 billion US-Saudi Arabia weapons deal.

Just a month ago British-born “Soldier of ISIS” Khalid Masood killed three people by ramming his vehicle into a group of pedestrians on London’s Westminster Bridge. The liberal phrasing of “not all Muslims are terrorists” echoed throughout the internet (and we’re not disputing the fact that not ALL Muslims are terrorists but we need only point you in the direction of our article that quotes exactly what the Quran says for justification of this attack and so many more like it.) and people took “action” by sharing Facebook statuses and declaring that they we would all stand firm together and stare down the barrel of the gun that is terrorism. Then, the dust settled, we forgot about it for a little while, and it happened again.

In June of 2016, the UK was rocked with the murder of Jo Cox who was stabbed to death by an extremist who shouted “Britain First!”. The attack is believed to have been in reference to Brexit. In December of 2015, a taxi driver, Muhaydin Mire, stabbed three people at a London subway station supposedly shouting “this is for Syria” and “blood will be spilled”. We forgot about that, and moved on.

Facebook users being super helpful at showing their support by simply updating their profile picture to have this love heart frame.
Facebook users updated their profile pictures after the November 2015 Paris attacks in which over one hundred were killed at an Eagles of Death Metal show. The calls for solidarity and refusal to “let the terrorists win” were met with increased security and even a state of emergency in France for the first time in a decade.

Yes, this attack is an insult to our freedom. Yes, it is sad that people trying to enjoy a concert have had their nights ruined and that lives have been taken, ruining the lives of their family and friends. Yes, it is times like these we stand up and support each other but this cycle keeps continuing.

So, with this attack, sit back and repeat the following while you blindly wait for the next:

These attacks do not represent *insert religion*, we must stand together, we can defeat terrorism, I stand with *city that has been attacked*