Anatomy of a California Health Insurance Plan Quote at the Vitality Website

Anatomy of a California Health Insurance Plan Quote at the Vitality Website
Anatomy of a California Health Insurance Plan Quote at the Vitality Website

California health insurance shoppers; are you up for a field trip? Let’s visit the Vitality website’s consumer-friendly quote engine where you can always access fast, free, easy, and convenient California health insurance plan quotes!

In order to gain access to your roster of affordable California health insurance plan quotes you’ll first need to enter in a couple of pieces of information that will help the quote engine generate your plan options in order of price: From lowest to highest premium per month. We’ll need your age (and that of others who would be covered by the plan) and your zip code – Age and zip code (where you live) are two (basic) components that go into calculating an estimated monthly premium for you and your family. Note that we said ‘basic’: It is important to keep in mind that once you apply for coverage and provide more detailed information about your family’s medical history your premium rate is subject to change.

As you look at the list of plan options, you’ll note that at the top of the page you’ll see a section containing a variety of options such as:

Find by Deductible Range
Find by Plan Type (Examples include: PPO, HSA, HMO)
Find by Price Range
Find by Company Name
So – in essence – the California health insurance shopper has the ability to parse up their list of plan options in whatever fashion they desire.

Now let’s look at the anatomy of a plan quote:

At the top of this article you’ll spot a picture featuring the layout of a plan quote at the Vitality quote engine. You can see an enlarged version of the California health plan quote by double clicking on that image.

Moving from left to right here’s what you’ll be looking at:

The name of the California health insurance company whose plan you’re reviewing. Some might feature a designation called “Top Pick’: Plans marked with this logo are ranked in the top 90th percentile by online consumer preference. This designation is a reflection of consumer popularity and not a recommendation by our agency.

Next; a notation about the plan type: Is it a PPO or Preferred Provider Organization; a HSA-compatible health plan (HSA plans are basically a subcategory of a PPO plan.); or – finally – a HMO or Health Maintenance Organization-type of plan (You can assume that the plan you are reviewing will be showing you cost figures such as annual deductible and coinsurance based on your use of in-network service providers by the way.).

Your health plan’s annual deductible. Certain plans offer certain benefits that are not subject to the deductible. In conjunction with your California health insurance professional at Vitality, we’ll review that feature with you in more detail.

‘Doctor Copay’ – Pretty straightforward: You see a doctor; you pay this dollar amount at the time of your visit.

Inpatient Hospital – Having met your annual deductible, this is the percentage of coinsurance you will be responsible for in the course of that plan year. While copay is expressed as a hard dollar figure, coinsurance is expressed as a percentage – the percentage you see in the plan quote will be your coinsurance obligation. Example: The coinsurance is 40% – you will pay 40 cents of every dollar up to your annual out of pocket maximum for the health care services you receive during the plan year.

Rx Card – Here again, pretty straightforward: A check mark indicates the plan does feature prescription drug benefits. However, what isn’t straightforward is what those benefits are: Generic-only, generic and brand name prescription drug coverage; whether there is a separate deductible for prescription drugs. Always best to review ‘Plan Details’ and consult with your Vitality California health insurance professional for assistance on this important plan benefit!

Maternity – Let’s you know if the plan you are looking at features maternity coverage. Remember: You must medically qualify for a California health plan with maternity coverage. That means you must have the plan in hand before becoming pregnant.

View Plan Details – Click here and you’ll see your health plan’s benefits in much more detail. Reach out to us and we’ll review these plan details with you! Always remember: Our health plan quotes and client services are always 100% free.

View Doctors & Hospitals – Do you have a family doctor you’re devoted to? If you’re shopping for a California health plan make certain your doctor is in the health insurance company plan’s provider network. Staying in-network is key to helping to hold down your family’s health care costs.

If you like what you see of the plan you have under review you can easily move on to the next step which is applying for the plan either by downloading the California health insurance plan application or applying for your California health insurance plan online. We’re fans of applying for your plan online – it speeds processing times and will typically eliminate concerns about errors or omissions on paper applications that slow or derail the application process.

Once again we do want to take this opportunity to stress that your client consultations with a Vitality team member are always free. Taking advantage of a great bargain like that and consulting with a member of our team about the California health insurance plan strategy that is uniquely right for you and your family can ensure peace of mind and at no added cost or inconvenience to the consumer: We’ll arrange an always free, careful and considerate client consultation at a time and place that is always most convenient to your schedule!