America’s balanced politics and Syria Triangle


Well, first of all my question is, what special exists in Middle Eastern Countries, especially in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc except the oil reserves. What is the factor which attracts to the most powerful countries of the world to these countries? What are the Russian factors which are favouring Assad in Syria? Well it can’t be about humanity, because humanity doesn’t exist in Syria. Assad can be believed for not attacking on its own people? The person stands responsible equally as ISIS for the genocide of innocent people in Syria. Why Assad can’t leave it’s presidential office, while public doesn’t want to see him as president. Which are the forces, providing financial aids, weapon, facilities to terrorism group ISIS? Who are people, providing all of these to ISIS? Is ISIS self dependent or are they having manufacturing facilities for weapons, vehicles supplies etc?

Who is providing them new shining Toyota vehicles, who is providing them life saving products like food, medicines, garments? Are they having side business to fulfil their own needs? If ISIS is gonna to be finish right now, then who was providing them all of these things till now? The millions of innocent people killed in Syria, who is responsible for that? Assad or ISIS or both or someone else? America and UN saying that Assad should not be attacked its people by chemical weapons as it is prohibited and innocent people toll. Then why did America not take action even before? Millions of people’s lives could be saved, why did America rise as savvier before? Or America wanted to make Syria abandoned due to propaganda of Greater Israel?

Now once more America emerged as Boss Nation of the World. Because America showed the world it’s peace liking face to the world followed by attacking on Assad with 59 missiles and Afghanistan (ISIS) with GBU-43 Bomb both and demonstrated that how it knows to control, how people can rely on America for peacefulness.

Assad and ISIS is both responsible for massacre of general public and abandonment in Syria, but there also seems to be the existence of third party which was supporting and funding to both. And what was the goal of this game, it will be cleared with short span of the end of this game is nearer.

Now the world can see the rise of any another militant group in Afghanistan or Iraq except existing ones? Which country will be made abandoned by two main oppositions following by third party just like Syria Triangle Afghanistan or Iraq?