Amd commitment to overclocking on their new processors

Amd commitment to overclocking on their new processors
Amd commitment to overclocking on their new processors

The chipmaker is back with new models, new prices and the inclusion of new fan AMD Wraith that significantly improves the cooling of its APUs but also makes the noise generated by this component is reduced dramatically.

In this update products also come improvements motherboards with Socket AM3 + ( “Vishera”) and FM2 + ( “Godavari”, “Kaveri” and “Richland”) in which we find support for USB 3.1 Gen 2 (with connectors type A and Type C) as well as the new connectors M.2 SATA SSDs that are becoming the norm in this segment.

At the press conference held with the media responsible for AMD highlighted first the Wraith AMD fan that works with a noise generated 39dbA, far from the quietest fans but clearly more capable than its predecessor, which state that it generates only a tenth of the noise. The fan has a 24% more cooling surface and provides 34% more airflow to ensure good cooling even with intensive workloads.

The Wraith debuts AMD AMD FX 8370 with eight cores and 95W TDP, but also find AMD A10-7860K will be available from today. The makers of this product indicated inter alia how these buses are twice as multithreading capabilities of Intel Core i5 cores and double the memory cache these CPUs from its main rival. This is an APU quad-core 3.6 GHz of Godavari family with 8-core graphics to 757 MHz and a TDP of 65W.

The A10-7860K as AMD is the only processor with unlocked multiplier for that price of $ 118, which can be very interesting for overclocking fans and to force the working frequencies of these processors.

The new fan will also be available in two new processors, the AMD Athlon X4 845 ($ 70) and the AMD A6-7470K. In other models such as AMD Athlon X4 870K / 860K (90/80 dollars respect.) And AMD A8-7670K / 7650K (dollars 106/96) they have significantly improved ventilation solution but not at the level of the new Wraith.

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AMD’s bet remains particularly focused on offering excellent performance for gamers with something less budget than those who spend a lot more money on their computers.

According to the combination of AMD Radeon R9 380X, AMD FX 8370 and AMD 990FX board goes for about $ 560 and can offer a remarkable game experience both in 1080 and even in 1440p with yields of 50 FPS in Far Cry 4 or 56 FPS Battlefield 4.