Addiction treatment: 5 stages of rehabilitation

Addiction treatment: 5 stages of rehabilitation
Addiction treatment: 5 stages of rehabilitation

Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism – a lengthy process, in our rehabilitation center, it consists of five stages.

“Entry” or “motivation”

The purpose of this phase of drug treatment is to introduce a dependent person with a therapeutic community: its rules, norms, values, principles and philosophy. At this stage the person awares the quantity and quality of internal and external losses due to active addiction. The persons must learn to follow the rules, to live by the daily routine, to monitor their appearance, to eat properly. The resident receives a strong support and care he needs on the early days of sobriety. At this time there is a reception in the Community, to the family. To a new resident a teacher is attached – one of the older residents who is regularly there. Together with the resident physician makes a list of problems and forms tasks and aims that he specifies the treatment plan for further rehabilitation. This stage lasts usually 2 – 2.5 weeks.

The first stage of addiction treatment, “Basic Course for Recovery” – Restoration

At this stage, the addict / alcoholic works with the motivation to a sober life, acquires with the necessary knowledge of addiction, recognizes its mechanism. The main purpose of this stage of rehabilitation is to abstain from drinking, the recognition of his illness and inability to cope with it, the acquisition of skills to apply for aid and to accept it in making his life.

We set before ourselves the task of overcoming postabstinentnom syndrome successfully (narcotic hunger, craving or desire for consumption of psychotropic drugs, distruction of thinking and memory, sleep, sudden emotional mood, etc.) At this stage, the addict / alcoholic, forms a strong support system, learns to live with his feelings and emotions without resorting to the use of drugs / alcohol, learns to take responsibility. At this stage he works on the first three steps of 12-step recovery program.

It also reveals the personal problems that are a hindrance to the functioning of the patient in a mature society. The average duration of the first stage of rehabilitation is 3 months. This is an absolutely necessary stage of a primary recovery program, chemical dependency treatment. In our opinion it is the minimum period for which changes with the person at the time of rehabilitation, will occur at a deeper (subconscious) level and, therefore, will be able to gain a foothold in the behavior, skills and abilities of a person.

The second stage of addiction treatment – rehabilitation “Personal Growth”

Stop using drugs / alcohol is a difficult task, but no less difficult is not to go back . As soon as the problem of drugs / alcohol is solved, it is time to work with problems that can serve as a return-to use. At this period, the problems of personal nature, such as low self-esteem, fear, guilt, self-pity, dependence on other people’s opinions, laziness, inability to constructively resolve conflicts, stress situations and etc are solving that help a resident to find peace with himself. Besides, the treated learn to take responsibility not only for himself but also to take care of others.

At this stage he passes the program for the prevention of failure, learns to think positively. The addict / alcoholic continues his work on the 12 step program and gets experience in 4-7 steps ,begins to solve the problems of the family, his relationships with relatives. This stage of rehabilitation should be 4-5 months, it depends on the individual rehabilitation plan drawn up with the psychologist. This is the level of a great autonomy, great responsibility.

Treatment of drug addiction: the third stage of rehabilitation, “Return”

This is a stage of a smooth transition of addict / alcoholic from the rehabilitation center in the society, the stage of preparation for returning to the family. The purpose of this stage is to acquire with the skills to communicate with people outside the rehabilitation center, to feel himself a part of society.

Besides the therapeutic work the treated makes himself poslelechebny plan and is entitled to recover from the rehabilitation center on the weekends. The important point of it is the family session. At this stage, the intensive resident shares with his knowledge and experience with others, younger participants of the program. This time the conditions are close to real life and last for 2-3 months.

The fourth stage of rehabilitation. Poslelechebnaya program

This is the supporting phase. Its purpose is that a resident purchases self-sufficiency . 2 times a week for 2-3 hours, he comes to class. In order to reset the stress accumulated in the society, to work out the problems that still exist l, to prevent collapse.

Thus, the total treatment time on different stages is 12-16 months. During this time, we are able to recreate a new mature personality.

The fifth stage of rehabilitation, “Outpatient Program”

This stage lasts for 3 months. During this period, a person begins his life outside the therapeutic community. The main objective of this phase is a smooth transition of the man from microsocial into the microsocial makrosotsium, reducing the risk of crisis conditions associated with this transition. Resident lives 3 days in the TC, and 4 days at home. The therapeutic community gradually weakens its influence and becomes for a person not a harsh teacher but a good friend.