About the center of “The Path to Light”

About the center of
About the center of "The Path to Light"

The International Rehabilitation Addiction Centre “Path to Light” was created in 2005 by immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The main objective of the center is treatment of alcohol and drug abuse in Israel, as well as rehabilitation of addicts from all corners of the world, including the same patients and from the Russian Federation. In the six years before running this clinic through its walls, passed more than 2,500 people. Most of the people who were treated in the drug treatment center, currently lead a healthy and sober lifestyle, have excellent work and have families.

For all the time of work experts have saved from the destruction many families, and dependent people got an opportunity to rethink his whole life over again, take the path of recovery and believe in themselves. Not only in Israel, the clinic has a good reputation – in the clinic accepted for treatment people from Europe, Russia and the United States.

Thanks to the author’s methods and the unique location of this clinic, the specialists of the center in a short time achieved positive results in the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction.

The essence of the treatment and its stages

In the center of the rehabilitation process can take several important steps:

The initial stage – which occurs long before the patient is in the center of rehabilitation. At this stage, specialists in Russian clinics conducted the first diagnosis. A person is determined depending on the severity of drug use, duration of treatment and the choice of methods to get rid of addiction. Further in accordance with the patient carried the diagnosis is sent to the International Center on Addictions Israel for further treatment and psychosocial rehabilitation.

When you land at the airport in Israel, you will not have to look very clinic “Path to Light” – right in the arrival hall you will be met by specialists of the center.

When a person enters the hospital, he again runs diagnostics, but more detailed than before departure. In accordance with the results of the survey will be assigned to individual human treatment of drug addiction. The duration of treatment for each person is individual, and is developed by specialists in each particular case.

When the treatment with pharmacological agents is completed, the patient will be involved in psychological treatment in a natural way. In the psychological rehabilitation of the person will be both group and individual training sessions and conversations, through which man learns to live a new life.