About drug and alcohol rehabilitation center “Island of freedom”

About drug and alcohol rehabilitation center
About drug and alcohol rehabilitation center "Island of freedom"

In this article, the story will go on about the program of rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics, proposed by the center “Island of freedom” in which knowledge, experience and spiritual potential of the entire team and staff of the center, of the world community as a whole are accumulated.

Used models of recovery

Over the past 70 years in the field of rehabilitation of drug addicts two main directions of work – were formed – the so-called “Minnesota model of rehabilitation,” created in the last century in America, and the model of “therapeutic community” that came to us from Europe. These names can hardly talk about anything, so I’ll try to convey to you the meaning of these techniques and the way they are combined and used successfully in our rehabilitation center “Island of freedom”.

I want just to notice that this integrated approach in the use of activities offered by these techniques provide us a final positive result.

Conducting the therapeutic interventions

The foundation of the therapeutic work is a complex of measures aimed at understanding and the formation of an adequate attitude of residents of the center to their dependencies, elaboration of personal characteristics, work with their current psycho-emotional condition, building relationships within the group, creation of sustainable motivation for recovery.

Morning meeting is – an event where the discussion of information board takes place about the negative or positive behavior of family members. Also there is a discussion of the news of the community. Each family member has the ability to respond to the information, sharing with his feelings.

Small treatment groups are used to study the written assignments of residents, aimed at identifying addictive behavior and detecting mechanisms due to which a person’s disease enslaves dependent. Here is the discussion of interpersonal conflicts, if they are any.

Self-help groups work according to the type of support groups of drug addicts, anonymous alcoholics (AA, NA). At the same time as the basis a “12-step program” is taken- a well known and successfully applied in the work with the dependent in the whole world.

In addition, the therapeutic unit includes a set of lectures, which provides information support to the resident in his work . Also important are psychological training (“blind guide”, etc.), art therapy, taleterapii.

Summary of the day – a group of self -analysis works with the current psycho-emotional condition of the resident. The purpose of this group is to work out the correction of behavior change, the use of the means to overcome the worsening of symptoms of disease (craving, “frozen feelings”, etc.).

Individual work with the resident

Besides the therapeutic group work and individual work is carried out too. Every resident of the center has his own attached monitor – an expert who personally gives advice to the resident on the current written test, on the actual condition of psychoemotional mood ,provides with the necessary guidance. Very often, a resident, especially at the beginning of the adaptation process, it is hard “open up” on a group, to talk about their everyday concerns, share with their feelings. But , individually, to your monitor it is easier to do it.

An equally important aspect of the rehabilitation process is the fact of living of residents in microsocial model, which is created in the center. Every day a resident is forced to solve everyday problems, perform its duties and responsibilities. The young people serve themselves, lead the household, cook, order food and money to maintain cleanliness in the house. They distribute among themselves certain functions (host, chef of the kitchen.f, etc.), which fix after the resident this or that kind of work. All this allows us to develop in children a sense of responsibility and teaches them to take care of themselves and others, to plan and allocate your time wisely.

Also in the process of adaptation sporting events (football, volleyball, tennis, etc.). are very important. They allow a resident to throw the accumulated stress, create cohesion in the team, give positive emotions.

It is important how the people organize their leisure time. That’s why a number of activities are held on the week-ends aimed on organizing free time of the residents (games, contests, KVN, theatre performances, etc.).

In the process of social adaptation, it is important that the addict will feel a sober taste of life, that he won”t perceive it as a daily routine and waggons, but receive from it pleasure, and joy.

Working with the family

A collosal importance in the process of rehabilitation of drug and alcodependent is the fact that along with the adaptation of the resident, professional psychologists actively work with the relatives of our patients. Chemical dependence is family illness, therefore the ivolvement of the relatives in the rehabilitation process is vital. Regularly individual consultations, lectures and therapeutic interventions, as well as family sessions are held . The whole set of measures is designed to run in the family a mechanism for creation a qualitatively new relationship built on trust and support.

In conclusion, I want to appeal to people in whose home trouble came. You are not alone. We are willing to give you a helping hand. By combining our efforts together, we will find ways to solve this problem. And I believe peace, happiness, love and understanding will return – to your family.