8 Tips To A Healthy and Happy Relationship

8 Tips To A Healthy and Happy Relationship
8 Tips To A Healthy and Happy Relationship

Relationships can be tricky and often convoluted with so many emotions that sometimes it is difficult to find your way back to a healthy platform. I am not saying by any means that this is clean and clear guide to getting there but I promise you that if you are mindful of these points you will create a better understanding between the two of you with regards to what it takes to make things last.

1. Communication is key

No matter what happens in the relationship communication is always key. One of the biggest ways to let a relationship begin to die is losing that ability to talk to one another. That is why the relationships that last the longest have a deep understanding for each other and the ability to talk any situation out. It is good to strive for that and remember that the other person you are in a relationship with has no idea what is going on in your mind. This is precisely why it is your job to tell them what they need to know to help keep the relationship moving in a good direction.

2. Be there for your partner

Being there is not always easy but it is always appreciated. If you turn yourself into an emotional support for your partner and they can confide in you it will open up new and deeply compassionate aspects of the relationship.

3. Be intimate

Intimacy is one of the biggest components of being in a relationship. That doesn’t mean just sex either. It means showing deep affection for one another. Whether it is a small physical gesture or being an emotional support these things are the glue that holds the foundation of our relationships together.

4. Show Respect

Sometimes personal space is a must in a relationship. This isn’t a reflection of them or you it is just what happens. Whether it is a break from each other or the fact that they just want to be left alone be the best person you can be and respect their wishes no matter what. I mean you would want your wishes to be respected, right?

5. Problem Solve

Problems are an inevitable consequence of being in a relationship. That doesn’t mean that the problems need to always be negative though. A lot of times it can make the relationship stronger if you are both healthy and happy people. Take problem solving as a positive step toward learning about each other or about the situation so that you two can grow from the experience together.

6. Respond gracefully to your partner’s shortcomings

This doesn’t mean that you should not stand up for yourself if you believe you are in the wrong. You should always stand up for yourself if you feel that is the case. With that said however relationships (and the people in them) are imperfect. The ability to accept other people’s shortcomings or behavior which you may not be able to fully understand will do more for a relationship than you will ever know. Try to appreciate your differences as difficult as it might be because this relationship isn’t about just you but rather about the both of you.

7. Make it a point to spend time together

It may seem obvious here but for you to remain in a healthy relationship you two need to spend time doing stuff together. Things such as planning out date nights, going on spontaneous adventures, or just staying at home are some excellent ways to bond with your significant other.

8. Repair any hurt feelings

Feelings get hurt in relationships. It is a natural part of the process. It is how you and your partner respond to this hurt that matters. This is where all of the previous points culminate here because when you have a healthy support system it makes this so much easier. From communication to having strong problem solving skills these elements combine together to create that deep reservoir of emotion that you can draw from to repair the relationship.

With that said the healthiest and most successful relationships accept that their partner can and will probably eventually hurt them on some level. If the wound is deep enough and the relationship is healthy enough they will take the steps they need take to quickly repair it and move on.

For the rest of you here’s my final point I want to make about this. There is no reason to dwell on hurt feelings if they didn’t mean it. It won’t do you, them, or the relationship any good to be brooding about things that don’t truly matter in the grand scheme of everything. Instead just learn to appreciate all of the great aspects that they bring to your life. Whether it is their laugh, their smile, or their quick wit find something truly meaningful that you can hold onto.