8 Tips For The Best Possible Bed And Breakfast Etiquette

8 Tips For The Best Possible Bed And Breakfast Etiquette
8 Tips For The Best Possible Bed And Breakfast Etiquette

So it’s your first time doing a bed and breakfast? No worries! They may seem a bit out of the ordinary at first to newcomers but after your first stay or two you will get the swing of things quite easily.

Given the proper etiquette you might even find that you will end up enjoying bed and breakfasts more than hotels.

1. Realize that this isn’t a regular hotel

If it wasn’t already obvious hotels are different from bed and breakfasts. Both have their advantages but the first rule of etiquette is realizing that things will be different with bed and breakfasts. One thing which is typical of bed and breakfasts is that you are supposed to communicate your needs before arriving. This is important because it helps the owners tailor your stay to fit your needs. Questions such as arrival and departure times, handicap accessibility and child friendliness are all good questions to start with.

2. You can be sharing your space nearby others

It is not horribly uncommon that you may be within close proximity to other visitors. For example you may be one room over from someone else’s bedroom. With that said don’t do things which will keep them up. It is always best to be courteous to the other patrons.

3. Treat your environment as if it were your own

On second thought go one step further here. Treat the place better than you would treat your own home. Yes you are paying to stay somewhere but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a decent human being. Don’t trash your bed and breakfast just because you are staying there.

4. Am I required to eat with others during breakfast?

If you would rather avoid breakfast with your fellow visitors don’t feel obligated to attend the breakfast hosted at the place where you are staying. It is by no means required. This is your vacation time after all and you should spend it how you would like to.

5. Delays and adjustments

Like hotels, owners of bed and breakfasts understand that life can happen. Flights can be late and luggage can be lost. If these things do happen simply do your part and let the place where you staying know what’s going on in case you are late.

6. Can I ask lots of questions about the area?

I would hope so. I can’t think of a single B&B experience where at least part of my interactions with the host included asking good places to visit during my stay. It is part of the cultural experience to get the opinion of locals so you should definitely take advantage of it!

7. What about pets?

Some B&B places allow pets however if you plan on bringing your furry companion along it would probably best to ask in advance before booking your stay.

8. Who do I tip?

Tipping can be an interesting subject with innkeepers and housekeepers. From what I have gathered the people that you typically tip are the housekeepers. How much should you tip? Well, that varies on a bunch of factors.