50 New Hobbies You Can Pick Up And Enjoy

50 New Hobbies You Can Pick Up And Enjoy
50 New Hobbies You Can Pick Up And Enjoy

Looking to add a little extra spice to your life?

1. Silk screening

A fun and creative venture, silk screening is the act of putting logos or designs onto clothes.

2. 3D Printing

3D printing is expensive and somewhat skill intensive (depending on what you want to do) however it can be pretty fun to design and create three dimensional objects.

3. Fencing

People who have tried fencing have spoken highly of it as a fun hobby. They say it can be pretty cardio intensive too.

4. Triathlon training

If you want to be in good shape no better way to do it than to train for a triathlon.

5. Martial arts

From Judo to Brazilian jiu-jitsu to Karate there are a lot of different martial arts studies to get into.

6. Painting

Painting is a great hobby because it can be a deep creative adventure or a fun way to blow off steam after a work day.

7. Collecting

Collecting can be a fun way to decorate a room or a wall with some cool, unique, or exotic things that matter to you.

8. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to decompress and the classes usually aren’t very expensive either.

9. Glass blowing

A fun and creative endeavor for anyone who likes to make things out of glass.

10. Orienteering

If you like the maps and the great outdoors orienteering can be an excellent yet unusual hobby to pick up.

11. Rock climbing

For anyone who likes the thrill of scaling up things rock climbing can be quite an experience.

12. Hiking

Hiking is a great way to get involved outdoors with a minimal budget.

13. Tennis

If you and a friend are looking to pick up a hobby together tennis can be pretty fun recreationally.

14. Sailing

Do you like warm days and water? If you answered yes then sailing might be for you.

15. Canoeing

There is nothing quite like paddling around a lake to pass a beautiful afternoon.

16. Treasure hunting

As a pretty cheap hobby with a lot of upside it can be a fun way to spend a weekend.

17. Bargain hunting / Garage sale shopping

Bargain hunting can be a casual way to spend an afternoon or morning. You can find some cool things on occasion too.

18. Volleyball

A great hobby to share with friends during the summer when it is nice out. Extremely cheap too.

19. Reading

Despite it being time consuming sometimes there is nothing better than sitting down with a good book.

20. Cards

Card games are a good social activity that can be done with friends. There is also Solitaire if you would prefer to be by yourself too.

21. Home Brewing

A fun hobby for anyone who wants to make anything from soda to beer.

22. Language learning

Language learning is definitely one of the more useful hobbies as you can apply it to your daily life if needed.

23. Sightseeing / Traveling

Traveling is a great way to get out and see the world with all of its wonders.

24. Cooking

Cooking is an interesting yet practical hobby. A great way to impress someone on a date too.

25. Writing / Journaling

Journaling is a cheap and superb way to unwind after a busy day.

26. Skydiving

If you like a thrill… need I say more?

27. Exercising

Whether it is cycling, running, weight lifting, or swimming you can never go wrong with exercise.

28. Drawing

Drawing is a pretty cheap hobby but one that is pretty fun nevertheless. All you need is a sketch book and whatever set of utensils you want to use.

29. Skiing / Snowboarding

If you like the snow you will probably like skiing or snowboarding as a hobby. Not exactly the cheapest but both can definitely be exciting.

30. Pool / Billiards

Pool is a fun hobby if you are out at a bar. It can also be a nice and relaxing game at a friend’s house too.

31. Scrapbooking

A good sentimental hobby to catalog friends, family, or relationships both past and present.

32. Blogging

Blogging can be a fun hobby if you have ideas you want to share with others.

33. Camping

Camping is an excellent hobby because it is what you make of it. If you want to camp for a couple nights you can do that. If you want to camp out for a week you can do that too.

34. Model Kit Crafting / Painting

A relaxing hobby for anyone who like to assemble thing and sometimes paint them too.

35. Learn a musical instrument

For those who feel artistically inclined they can learn a new musical instrument in their spare time.

36. Meditation

Meditation is something that everyone needs more of in their life nowadays. This is a fantastic hobby to pick up if you really want to decompress.

37. Comedy

Comedy can be fun whether you are performing it or just watching it. A great date hobby too.

38. Dancing

Dancing is also a great date hobby and fun activity if you are coordinated or practiced enough.

39. Tasting

Picking up tasting as a hobby can be pretty adventurous. From wine to beer to cheese and everything else in-between it is an exciting and relatively cheap hobby.

40. History

History is as easy as picking a time period and diving in. It is pretty cheap nowadays with so much information online too.

41. Photography

If you are more visually inclined this is a fun and pretty cheap hobby with personal smart phones taking photos at a pretty decent resolution. If you want to get into specialized cameras that will run you a bit more however.

42. Calligraphy

For anyone who has a keen eye for precise detail calligraphy can be an enjoyable hobby as it is just another form of advanced visual writing.

43. Reviewing

With places such as YouTube and other forums nowadays picking up the hobby of product reviewing has never been easier. From movies to restaurants to hair gels the sky is the limit.

44. Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor GPS based hobby where you go around planting and finding containers left by others. Definitely a pretty unique and cool concept.

45. Virtual Reality

With the invention of virtual reality (VR) devices it has enhanced the viewing experience for both video gamers and moviegoers alike.

46. Restaurant Exploring

Like trying new foods? Exploring restaurants can be a pretty entertaining activity if you are an adventurous eater.

47. Surfing

Despite being geographically dependent surfing can be a great hobby if you enjoy a good thrill on the water.

48. Sculpting

No matter what you choose to sculpt this can be an enjoyable hobby for anyone who likes a good hands on experience.

49. Volunteering

If you are the kind of person who likes to give back in your spare time volunteering is a near endless hobby that will leave you always feeling satisfied.

50. Building Terrariums

Like the idea of putting a little bit of nature in your own home? Building terrariums might be for you then as you get to take things from outside and put them inside a capsule for decoration.