5 Ways to Seize The Day And Begin Living In The Moment

5 Ways to Seize The Day And Begin Living In The Moment
5 Ways to Seize The Day And Begin Living In The Moment

With many forms of stress, stimulation, and other concerns in our current day and age it has been increasing difficult to find happiness by centering ourselves in the moment. Instead it has become extremely easy to worry about the future or the past while forgetting that there is a whole world around us just waiting to be experienced every day.

This is why I am here to try and help. Below are my five tips to help you get into the moment, stay in the moment, and realize that nothing else matters if you can learn how to seize the day.

1. Find your purpose

A lot of people meander around from job to job their entire lives with little fulfillment or meaning. If you are one of those people it is never too late to take a step back and pause to analyze your life. Obviously none of us want to be working, I get that. Instead let’s shift our frame of mind to finding a job which we would be happy to work. Happy jobs do exist but they require some soul searching because we all enjoy different things.

To make things simple just ask yourself the question, “can I picture myself doing this job?”

If the answer to that question is yes then ask yourself the question, “would I be happy doing this job?”

If the answer is yes to that also you may have just found yourself an avenue which you can (at the very least) pursue to see if you may like it. If it doesn’t end up working however don’t just give up hope. There will be other opportunities and avenues too. Finding a good work environment may not be easy but it will certainly be worth it in the long run.

2. Be romantic

Seizing the day begins with romance and it is never too late to be romantic. Regardless of whatever your version of romance is you can still achieve that. From making the little moments special to doing bigger things it is very important to take time for you and your significant other. It helps the both of you to stay grounded in the present and forget about your other worries.

To clarify, try coming up with new ideas which are fun and exciting. Maybe make it a date night and go wine tasting or try taking dance lessons instead. Get outside of your comfort zone and be spontaneous.

3. Make time for things that matter

Making time for things that matter helps us stay grounded because it is really easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. With social media and other stimulus it can be very easy to waste time doing things that really aren’t important to our personal growth or conducive to our overall happiness.

When choosing to make time for things here is an exercise I recommend trying. Simply make a list of all of your daily activities and find the ones which are absolutely mandatory along with the ones that aren’t. Start by crossing off the items that are not mandatory and then figure out how to consolidate the ones which are so that you can try to do them simultaneously. With some adjustments hopefully you can create more space in your life for things that you find really matter.

4. Don’t put things off until tomorrow

Change in your life can be scary or uneasy but it is not worth putting it off. Delaying it further won’t make you feel any better so you might as well rush headlong into it. The best way to keep your life on track is by being on top of things. It is easy to get stressed out and worry about the future if you can’t maintain the present. Seizing the day begins with managing it. Manage your day and it will pay dividends down the road for you.

5. Meditation

Taking time to meditate is very crucial for staying grounded and making the most of the present. It is really easy to lose sight of things when you aren’t even really taking time for yourself. That is why it is important to put some of those less-than-necessary obligations aside and make time to decompress. You are the most important person in your life and it is time to start treating yourself that way. Try giving yourself brief points of relaxation or meditation (even as little as ten to fifteen minutes) in your day and watch as you will not only feel calmer but you will feel more focused too.

Additionally I have one more final point:

As I am sure you can tell these points I just mentioned almost all coincide with each other on some level. In their principle they are all pointing to the same thing. The essence of their point is that you need to take time for yourself and remember that the past has already happened and the future hasn’t happened yet so neither are worth worrying about too much. Instead focus on yourself here in the present. Make yourself the best version that you can because we are only afforded one lifetime and if we spend that entire lifetime worrying about what has been or what will be we will never get to really truly appreciate the moment itself.