5 useful google applications

5 useful google applications
5 useful google applications

Most of those who have a smartphone use some other application of Google, although we have a mobile device with Android operating system. And the long hand of Google is even of the iPhone and other handsets available in the market. But today we do not want to look back at the major applications of the giant search engine available in major mobile application stores, but we want to focus on some you might not know whom you can be very useful.

Gmail, Google Photos and Youtube can be some of the most popular applications developed by Google, and almost all have installed on your smartphone. There are also others who spend more unnoticed, but any user we can help.

Remote Desktop

One of the big dreams for many people is to be able to use our computer sitting on the couch or lying in bed. For this we use our mobile device, very easily thanks to the Remote Desktop application, which like all the others discussed in this article has been developed by Google and passes very unnoticed by most users.

To manage your computer from your mobile just you need to install the Remote Desktop application on your smartphone, in addition to the Chrome Remote Desktop application on your computer which of course must have Google Chrome, Google’s web browser installed.

Once we have them installed to assure that both the mobile and the computer are connected to the same WiFi network. In addition you can set a password so that nobody else can use that function from your WiFi network.


Perhaps this is not one of the most popular applications of Google, because it really is not an application in itself, but a kind of game that many of us love and we feel pretty fun.

In Androidify we can dress Andy Android the way we want more and can also put the name you want and also configure you to be moving to our liking. Also we will share our creation with whoever we want and also through social networks.

It is an essential application for our mobile, but maybe I could be of interest to create a custom Andy or to enjoy for a while at some point in time.

Device administrator

An application should not miss on your mobile device is dubbed the Device Manager, and despite spending quite unnoticed by the Google Play will enable us to always keep under control your smartphone.

And this application of Google allow us to find our device in a simple way, it sound at full volume to locate, lock or delete such data if you have the misfortune to steal it.

Identifying ourselves we can access the list of devices that we have under our control and thus access the options that you have had. In addition to better manage the list, in case you have multiple devices, we can rename them and order them to our liking to be in control and prepared to seek and find our smartphone.

YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube is perhaps best known Google service and where a huge number of people have a channel to upload their videos. For the management of those channels they can use a computer, but if we want to manage it from your smartphone, we can also thank the YouTube Creator Studio application.

Thanks to this application available for both Android, not surprisingly, as for iOS, is able to download at no cost, and allow us to control everything that happens in our YouTube channel. A quick and easy way you can see the minutes displayed, have controlled the number of subscribers and keep under control all the videos we post.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a recognized application of Google, used by a lot of users, but that usually happens quite unnoticed by the public. Thanks to her and through our mobile device for example can recognize a product to make a photograph. In the event that this service can not recognize it will show more similar photographs thong in its database to try to find a successful product.

One of the great profits of Google Goggles is able to scan the barcode of any product. From this we can not only recognize the product in question, but we can also perform an Internet search for that product, to discover its characteristics or to buy the prices at which we are offered on the Net.

There is an entertainment application or that we will use every day, but it can be interesting and useful in certain situations and moments. Of course you can download at no cost and is only available for devices with Android operating system.