5 Happiest Jobs

5 Happiest Jobs
5 Happiest Jobs

Thinking of a career switch or just entertaining a new work field for fun? Some of these may surprise you but through various surveys and research the following are all jobs which have typically ranked highest on overall happiness or satisfaction throughout numerous surveys.

1. Teacher / Principal / Educator

Despite being a sometimes frustrating or even tedious job surveys have pretty much unanimously put educators on every list. The reason being cited was that even though it can be difficult at times working as an educator those moments are offset by some of the really rewarding aspects of teaching as you begin to see a student grow in their academic or personal life. A lot of people have said they enjoy educating because of the sense of duty or accomplishment they gain from making an actual difference in a student’s life.

2. Website Developer

Website development has been an increasingly happy field as its demand has been skyrocketing over the last decade. Averaging around 50k to 60k a year web developers have been loving their work. For most of them the most rewarding part isn’t even coming from the money however. According to a lot of surveys it has been cited that what makes web development so enjoyable as a profession is the fact that there is a giant balance between technical skill and creativity which enables an almost unparalleled amount of flexibility for one single job. It is that exact flexibility and freedom which makes the job so fun and exciting with every new project being completely different from the previous.

3. Loan Officer

You would think being a loan officer would be incredibly tedious or unrewarding but apparently that isn’t true at all. Loan officers also ranked highly as one of the happiest professions despite their long hours. It must be something about getting the face to face time with customers and helping them realize their dreams that makes it all worthwhile.

4. Engineer (Typically software)

Engineering and software engineering has become such a dynamic field that it makes complete sense for it to be one of the happiest jobs. With such versatility in terms of job choices people who become software engineers have a lot of freedom relative to whatever specialization they want to have within their careers. Things such as design, development, and software evaluation really enable engineers to pick and choose what step of the creation process they want to contribute in allowing them to have a lot of job leeway despite the fact that they are in a highly technical field.

5. Executive Chef

Even though there is a ton of responsibility that comes with the position executive chefs have polled as one of the happiest professions. Reasons for that appear to be because executive chefs typically really enjoy the level of leadership and freedom that they get from working with their kitchen team to design and create meals. It has also been said that being an executive chef is a perfect balance of leadership while still being actively involved in the minute by minute happenings of their kitchen that they run.