5 Amazingly Cheap Yet Gorgeous Countries You Must See


Looking to travel on a dime? These countries will make your money go much further than many other places. You won’t even have to sacrifice the quality of your trip either.

1. South Korea

Having had a few friends live there for a while the jury is out on South Korea. It is an extremely cheap destination for what you get. The first world amenities, the food, the sights are all extremely cheap. Not to mention that 1 United States dollar equates to around 1150 South Korean Won.

Here, let me put things in perspective. I know people who go out and have a big night at the bar and their tab equates to little more than 20 or 25 USD (unless you are buying drinks for the whole bar). If that isn’t the definition of a bargain I don’t know what is.

2. Portugal

This is the cheapest taste of Europe you will ever get with the prices being significantly lower than anywhere else. To put things in perspective Numbeo (a crowd-sourced global database of consumer prices) reports that the average inexpensive meal comes in at just less than 8 USD (~33% less) than it would in the United States. One other thing mentioned on Numbeo’s page is that on average the consumer prices in Portugal are 30.37% lower than the United States. If this doesn’t convince you that portugal is a good getaway maybe you should just take a moment and search “portugal beaches” the next time you are on Google. If you still aren’t convinced you might not be human.

3. Peru

Looking to visit South America? Peru might be your place because of the simple fact that you can visit this country on a dime. From the Peruvian citadel of Machu Picchu to the culinary delight of Lima you can definitely make your money go further here. If you are an outdoors explorer Peru also has lots to offer from a part of the Amazon rainforest to hiking the Inca Trail and beyond. The Llanganuco Lakes are supposed to be beautiful during the summertime. I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the area and want to cool off from a nice summer hike.

4. Greece

Greece’s problems have made it an opportunistic country to visit. Obviously the sights are gorgeous as it is one of the most historic countries in the world. That isn’t the selling point however. It is in the time since Greece has gone bankrupt the country has become an absolute gem in terms of savings. You can now get huge quality meals for $10 or less.

How does eating a giant lamb gyro plate while staring out at the beautiful Aegean sea sound? Sounds like the perfect life to me.

5. Thailand

Looking for bottom of the barrel savings with top of the line quality? Thailand is your place. It is warm and equipped with delicious food and stunning beaches as far as the eye can see. Not to mention the budget hotel rooms are dirt cheap in cost. The forecast for the future doesn’t seem to be changing either despite the rise in recent popularity. Get in on this Southeast Asian gem while you can because there’s no way it remains this cheap forever.