3 reasons your insurer may cancel your car insurance policy

3 reasons your insurer may cancel your car insurance policy
3 reasons your insurer may cancel your car insurance policy

You anticipate your automobile insurance policy to maintain impact when it is needed by you. If you’re involved with a collision, or your automobile is taken, you wish your insurer covers the costs. In the end, this is actually the reason for having coverage. But imagine if your plan is terminated? And moreover, what is it possible to do to avoid cancellation to begin with?

Below, we’ll present the 3 most common reasons auto insurance companies cancel their customers’ plans. You will also learn what things to expect in the case your insurer chooses to cancel your plan.

#1 – Laying To Your Insurer

It’s tempting to “flex the reality” when completing your application for coverage. For instance, you might decrease the true quantity of mls you drive every year; you might don’t mention certain aftermarket components that are installed on your automobile; or, you may omit the known fact that you utilize your car for business purposes. These misrepresentations appear almost trivial. However your insurance company differently sees things.

When you lie on the application, you risk getting your policy cancelled as your rates derive from the insurer’s presumption of risk. Think about claiming to operate a vehicle 5,000 miles each full 12 months, but driving 15 actually,000 kilometers per yr. The much longer you’re on the highway, the greater the chance you’ll be involved in an incident. That escalates the risk you’ll document a claim.

Your insurance company may change your rates to reflect your actual circumstances simply. But they might cancel your plan also, and void your coverage.

#2 – LACK OF Driving Privileges

In case your driving privileges are revoked, your auto insurer will probably cancel your coverage. The reason is simple: don’t be generating if you are lawfully prohibited from doing so. Furthermore, the circumstances that resulted in your license being revoked or suspended suggest a choice that raises your insurer’s risk.

A lot of individuals try to hide the fact that their driver’s licenses have been suspended. That is unlikely to flee an insurer’s notice. Auto insurance companies regularly check the driving information of their policyholders to be able to monitor changes. Permit suspensions, DUIs, and similar items shall arrive on your record. Concealing them is ineffective.

#3 – Past due Payment Or Nonpayment Of Premiums

This is the most typical reason automobile insurance policies are cancelled. Many consumers either fail to pay their premiums, or are past due when doing this habitually. Insurance providers expand an elegance period often, specifically for policyholders with an extended history of making well-timed payments. However, many companies may have brief grace intervals (i.e. a couple of days), or non-e in any way. In the event that you neglect to pay your rates on time, you might find your coverage cancelled.

non-payment of monthly premiums often occurs when consumers change auto insurance companies to consider benefit of lower rates. They make the mistake of thinking their old policies will become invalid due to non-payment simply. The truth is, the guidelines are cancelled, which poses long-term effects.


Insurance companies have a tendency to avoid consumers whose procedures have been cancelled. The good reason is because cancellation implies a higher amount of risk – ordinarily a bad risk. This means you might have difficulty finding an insurer willing to increase coverage at an inexpensive rate. Some ongoing companies will won’t extend coverage at all. You may essentially become categorized as a “high-risk” drivers, if your record is blemish-free even.

If the good reason for cancellation involves past due payments, some insurers may be ready to forget the nagging problem. Others may be willing to take action if you consent to pay the annual payments beforehand. For DUIs or other serious traffic violations that lead to the suspension of a license, such versatility is rare.

If your vehicle insurance coverage has been cancelled, you will have to find a fresh insurer. There is certainly tremendous value in doing your research for the cheapest rates. While your alternatives will normally be more limited than, you’ll still find that rates fall within a variety. Compare quotes to get the least expensive coverage for your household.