15 Ideas To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Exciting

15 Ideas To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Exciting
15 Ideas To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship Exciting

Long distance relationships are extremely strenuous. They require a tremendous amount of extra effort due to the fact that you and your significant other are lacking things such as the physical connection you once had. To help you overcome these hurdles however I have decided to come up with a list of playful activities so that things will still remain exciting between the two of you even when you are across the globe from each other.

1. Using Google Maps to explore cities

With the power of modern technology comes Google Maps and Skype screen sharing. Together when combining both of these tools you and your significant other now have the capability to walk through other cities and go exploring.

If you want to take the experience one step further Google also offers a website dedicated to Night Walks where you and your other can listen and learn about other cities through the words and eyes of other people. It is a truly unique experience.

2. Learning something new

With the popularity of online learning becoming so prominent on the internet nowadays it has never been easier to learn a new skill with the person you care for. From yoga to dancing to picking up a new language things have never been more accessible. Don’t believe me? Check out Duolingo.com and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

3. Taste testing

From wine to beer to cheese and everything else in-between comes the concept of taste testing together. Another fun activity you can do via video chatting this idea can be accomplished by ordering things online and shipping them to both of your addresses. At that point you can then you can unwrap the mystery and test things out in real time together as you share your opinions on what you are trying.

4. Exploring new music and videos on YouTube

YouTube is a near endless bag of surprises. With every click is the potential of a good laugh or another hidden treasure. Thanks to websites such as Watch2gether it has never been easier to browse music and videos together at the same time.

5. Drawing things

Whether you decide to do it online or in the comfort of your own homes drawing can be a fun and goofy way to pass the time. Not to mention that it is incredibly cheap too.

6. Taking them out with you on a nice day

When the weather is nice (and you have strong enough internet) you might consider taking your laptop outside and doing a video call from your lawn. You can do something like roll out a nice towel and soak up some sun while you chat with each other.

7. Write a story

Going along with the idea of drawing is the idea of writing. From a recount of the history of you two to something completely fantasy related the concept of writing can be extremely therapeutic for a relationship. It will get you thinking and expressing ideas together which is never bad thing.

8. Watch television together

In addition to YouTube videos and music comes the idea of actually watching live television. Websites such as Animal Planet Live have now made it completely possible to watch shows online in real time together. Definitely a fun activity if the two of you like seeing cute animals.

9. Story telling

This point mainly applies to newer relationships.

Odds are if you have been together for a long time you probably already know most things about the other person. For newer relationships however one great way to spend time together can be by exchanging funny or interesting stories so both of you can learn more about each other’s lives.

10. Drinking games

If you are the kind of couple that likes to share a few drinks you might enjoy playing some drinking games. One idea might be to mix things up and develop a playful set of rules to get both of you engaged. That way both of you can have fun while relaxing in each other’s company.

11. Doing something via video chat

Video chat is great because it opens up so many doors which were previously thought unimaginable. For example, you can now take the person that you like anywhere in your house as long as you have a strong enough internet connection. That is crazy to think that didn’t exist before.

Going with that train of thought you can now explore doing things in real time with each other such as building a home brewery kit together or doing something like planting plants together too. It may sound kind of corny but it can actually be quite fun.

12. Building a dream house online

There are countless house building websites online nowadays. Sometimes a great way to pass an afternoon or evening is simply by sitting around and coming up with ideas for a fun dream house. It would get you both thinking of the future instead of the present and would give you something exciting to talk about.

13. Building something with Lego parts

Depending on your interests you might consider the idea of buying a tub of Lego pieces for each of you. At first glance it may seem childish but if you both have the personality that would enjoy building things it would actually give you something fun to keep the both of you busy during your away time while also giving you something to show each other when you would finally talk too.

14. Design something such as a funny t-shirt

If you two are into cute ideas designing a t-shirt may be a fun and goofy way to spend time together. Plus you could both wear what you designed afterwards too.

15. Find new hobbies that you think each other might enjoy

Run out of other ideas? Try to explore other hobbies which you might enjoy picking up and talking about.