10 Creative Side Gigs You Can Do To Accumulate More Travel Money

10 Creative Side Gigs You Can Do To Accumulate More Travel Money
10 Creative Side Gigs You Can Do To Accumulate More Travel Money

Have some spare time and want to start a travel fund? No better way to go about it than deciding to pick up a nice side gig to scrape together some extra cash. Listed below are ten jobs which aren’t ultra time consuming but can definitely help you achieve your travel fund goals.

1. Swagbucks

You might laugh at the absurdity of the name but Swagbucks is a website which is fairly simple to make money on. You fill out surveys and receive money for your time spent. Pretty straightforward and easy.

2. Pinecone Research

Another survey site, Pinecone research follows the similar premise that Swagbucks does where you can fill out surveys which take around 10-15 minutes. As far as compensation goes typically you will receive a few dollars for each survey that you fill out. Since the surveys are short too you can do them while you are eating on your lunch break or right before bed too.

3. Call Center QA

Want to become a secret shopper from the comfort of your own home? With Call Center QA you can do just that and make $5 per mystery shop that you complete. All you have to do is call in, ask a few questions then fill out a report after.


4. Write Articles For Cracked.com

You can make $100 for every article that gets approved by Cracked’s staff. This is not a joke either. The work may not be easy but the entire platform of Cracked is to try to get you producing content for them. They are incredibly outgoing with helping their writers because they want them to succeed. If you can write well I would definitely recommend that you try to take a shot at writing for Cracked.


5. Help Google and get paid to do so

Google currently has a deal going on right now where for an $8 signup bonus plus $2 every week thereafter Google can install an app on your computer which will monitor what you are doing. This may seem a little big brother and it probably is but their rationale behind the program is that they want to better understand how they can improve their marketing and advertising techniques to be more efficient and reach a larger audience.

In other words you can make around $100 a year just by passively having this app around.

6. Transcribing Audio

Have excellent typing skills? You can make up to $40 dollars per audio minute that you can transcribe. This is a lot harder than it sounds however. Why? Well, sometimes you can receive incredibly convoluted audio files which are a pain to transcribe. This is without mentioning that you need moderately decent typing skills and a lot of patience too as you will likely need to run through the audio file multiple times to get it fully written out. If you have the personality for it though you can make some nice side change as a part-time audio scribe.

7. Earn a little bit of money from your junk mail

Receive a lot of junk mail and want to make some side cash from it? Now is your opportunity to do so with SBKCenter’s exchange where they take your junk mail in exchange for a bit of side cash.

8. Get paid to do research

If you enjoy doing research online at your leisure you might check out Wonder’s website where you get paid to provide detailed answers to questions that Wonder’s clients propose.

9. Apple from home

Fluent with Apple products and want to work from home? Here is your opportunity. For those with Apple products and strong customer service skills they can now employ their knowledge to become an Apple At Home Advisor where you help Apple customers troubleshoot their problems which they may have with their products.

10. Can you write slogans?

If you can write slogans then you might check out Slogan Slingers because they offer up to $999 for each contest that you win. It might be difficult but even if you win just one or two a year that would be a pretty huge addition to your travel fund.